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“Menya Dragon Ramen” will be launched! The reward earning system and various campaigns announced!

PlayMining’s new game title “Menya Dragon Ramen” will be launched on October 5, 2022. We are pleased to announce the reward earning system and various campaigns.

■Reward Earning Mechanism in Menya Dragon Ramen
In Menya Dragon Ramen, players can earn DEAPcoin (hereinafter referred to as “DEP”) according to the total Ramen Sales Points earned in one season (about one month). The actual flow from selling ramen to earning DEP is as follows.

[Overview of the flow of making ramen to earning DEP]

  1. Earn DEAPbills for every fixed amount of Ramen Sales Points earned.
  2. Apply to exchange DEAPbills for DEAPchecks. The application process ends at the end of the month.
  3. Receive DEAPchecks on the 15th of the following month.
  4. Convert DEAPchecks into DEAPcoin. (issued instantly)

Ingredients used for the ramen can be obtained at random by challenging the dungeons using the employees and defeating the monsters.

Ramen sales points fluctuate according to the parameters of the ramen created and bonuses generated, so the combination and compatibility of ingredients is very important.

Since the parameters tend to be higher when rare ingredients are used, it is also important to use powerful employees who can clear dungeons where rare ingredients can be obtained.

■DEP Reward Amount in Menya Dragon Ramen (tentative)
The DEP rewards for each season of Menya Dragon Ramen will be as follows.

*The following is the scheduled reward amount for Season 1, which is scheduled to begin immediately after the launch, and the rewards for subsequent seasons are subject to adjustment.

[Estimated DEP rewards for each rarity of an NFT employee (Season 1)]

R: 36 DEP to 378 DEP/month

SR: 378 DEP to 1,260 DEP/month

SSR: 1,260 DEP to 2,520 DEP/month

UR: 2,520 DEP to 3,600 DEP/month

*The amount of DEP that can be earned depends on the user’s playing skills and the training status of the employee NFTs, so the above amounts are only a rough estimate.

*Using employee NFTs with higher rarity will increase the possibility of making higher point ramens, as they will be able to conquer dungeons of higher difficulty and obtain rarer ingredients.

*DEP will not be granted directly in the game, but will be granted to users’ wallets by applying for conversion of the above-mentioned in-game items that will be granted as rewards.

*DEP will be distributed to users’ wallets on the 15th of the following month of the application, so please note that DEP earned will not be reflected in wallets on a daily basis.

We are planning to hold regular events from January 2023, about four months after Menya Dragon Ramen’s launch, where users will be able to earn a higher amount of DEP. These regular events will allow users to compete with other users to earn more DEP than the normal gameplay.

We strongly recommend that you train your employee NFTs and build your knowledge of the game before these events, as the rewards will be greater than the DEP you can usually get for making ramen noodles!

Even after we add the regular events, we will continue to offer DEP rewards based on Ramen Sales Points as mentioned above while reviewing the reward amounts.

Please look forward to it!

■Launch Campaigns
To celebrate this launch, we will be running the following three major campaigns!

[Campaign 1] Large Bowl of DEP! DEP Reward Increase Promotion!
[Campaign 2] Train Your Employees in the Dungeon! Training Start Support Promotion!
[Campaign 3] Menya Dragon Ramen Opening Commemoration! NFT Special Login Bonus!

[Campaign 1] Large Bowl of DEP! DEP Reward Increase Promotion!
DEP rewards will be doubled during the campaign!

This is a chance to earn a large amount of DEP, so don’t miss this opportunity and work hard to make lots of ramens!

<Campaign period for “Large Bowl of DEP! DEP Reward Increase Promotion!”>

October 5, 14:00 (UTC+8) — November 1, 3:00 (UTC+8)

[Campaign 2] Train Your Employees in the Dungeon! Training Start Support Promotion!
During this period, the experience value of employees earned in dungeons will be doubled! Take advantage of this opportunity to train your employees and make the most of it for future ramen production!

<Campaign period for “Train Your Employees in the Dungeon! Training Start Support Promotion!”>

October 5, 14:00 (UTC+8) — October 19, 3:00 (UTC+8)

[Campaign 3] Menya Dragon Ramen Opening Commemoration! NFT Special Login Bonus!
In Menya Dragon Ramen, you will receive a login bonus for logging in once every day to earn in-game items. The items you receive will depend on the number of days you log in.

This time, to celebrate the launch, we will distribute an NFT Exchange Tickets of Rarity N for logging in for 10 days! The NFT exchange tickets can be exchanged for NFTs at the in-game “Shop”.

<Campaign period for “Menya Dragon Ramen Opening Commemoration! NFT Special Login Bonus!”>

October 5, 14:00 (UTC+8) — October 25, 3:00 (UTC+8)

*You will be granted an NFT ticket by logging in for any 10 days during the period. It is not necessary to log in for 10 consecutive days.

[NFT you can get in Menya Dragon Ramen Opening Campaign! NFT Login Bonus!]

Name:Tei Phan
Attribute:Fire(The attribute can be chosen at the time of the ticket exchange)

■About the Scholarship System
In Menya Dragon Ramen, a scholarship system can be used to lend and borrow employee NFTs. To use the scholarship system, the owner of the NFTs must enter the PlayMining ID of the borrower (Scholar) and the borrower (Scholar) must enter the PlayMining ID of the lender (Owner) in the game (the same procedure as in JobTribes). Rewards earned through the scholarship will be distributed according to a predetermined ratio between the owner and the scholar.

Note: Neither the DEA nor the management team of Menya Dragon Ramen will be involved in any way in the matching of scholars and owners, or in the exchange of rewards between them.

The information in this article is tentative and subject to change without notice.

Please note that the information in this article may not be implemented as planned due to development status or other factors.

*The latest information on “Menya Dragon Ramen” can be found at the following links.

Special website (
Official Twitter in Japanese (
Official Twitter in English (
Discord (



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