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​​Notice of “Graffiti Racer” Open Beta Version Launch Delay

The launch of the open beta version of Graffiti Racer, a new game title for PlayMining, was scheduled for August 31, but due to the bug fixes and further quality improvements, the launch will be postponed to the end of October.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to those who have been looking forward to the launch. We will announce the official launch date at a later date.

■ DEP airdrop for NFT purchasers at presale
As compensation for this delay, DEP Airdrop will be conducted to those who’ve purchased NFTs of Graffiti Racer by August 31, 2022, 22: 59 (UTC+8), depending on the rarity of the NFTs purchased.

【DEP Airdrop Amount by Rarity】

*Airdrops are scheduled for the end of September.
*If you purchase more than one NFT, you will receive airdrops for the number of NFTs you have purchased.
For example, if you’ve purchased 2 NFTs of SSS RANK and 1 NFT of S RANK, the airdrop value will be 6,000 DEP x 2 + 600 DEP = 12,600 DEP.

*Please note that “Palette (S RANK)” and “Hekigon (C RANK)”, which were the rewards of Graffiti Racer closed β Test, are not eligible for this DEP airdrop.

■Community projects leading up to the launch
While you are waiting for the launch, we will be running special community projects to enhance your experience of Graffiti Racer!
More details will be announced on the Graffiti Racer channel of the official PlayMining Discord, so please check them out!

To join the official discord, please visit:



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