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Notice of Launch Date & Implementation of Closed Beta Testing of Menya Dragon Ramen

We are pleased to announce the launch date & implementation of the closed beta testing of Playining’s new game title “Menya Dragon Ramen”.

Launch Date for Menya Dragon Ramen

Wednesday, September 21, 2022 (TBA)

Implementation of Closed Beta Testing
● Period
August 17, 2022 (Wed) 14:00 (UTC+8)- August 31, 2022 (Wed) 14:00 (UTC+8)

● Estimated number of test users
1,000 to 2,000 users

● Play Details
-Free play for invitees only
-NFTs purchased in the presale cannot be used.
-No DEAPcoin can be earned in the beta test.

● Rewards for playing
All participants will receive an NFT (not for sale) that can be used in the game after the launch! This time, a special rough sketch will be released!

*Character name and status to be determined.
*Distribution is scheduled to begin in September or later.

● How to participate
-Players who meet the criteria for participation will be notified by e-mail by August 16th on how to play.
-Players are required to register with the PlayMining platform in advance.

● Participation Criteria (You have to fulfill one of the two criteria)

(1) Players who have purchased at least one NFT of this game on the NFT marketplace “PlayMining NFT” by Sunday, August 14, 22:59 (UTC+8)

(2) Those selected by raffle among campaign participants

How to participate in the campaign: Those who fulfill the following conditions and apply here between August 4,11:00 (UTC+8) and August 10, 22:59 (UTC+8)

-Follow the official PlayMining Twitter account (@PlayMining_SG) (required)
-Follow the official Twitter account of the game (@dragonramen_en) (required)
-Join the official PlayMining Discord server ( (required)

● Game Overview
Menya Dragon Ramen” is a unique “RPG x Ramen sales simulation” game in which players advance through dungeons in auto-battles to obtain “ingredients” and sell “Ramen” using the ingredients they have obtained.

The amount of DEAPcoin (hereinafter referred to as “DEP”) earned varies depending on Ramen sales, so players can earn more DEP by devising rarer ingredients and tasty Ramen recipes. For more information, please click here.

● About the Development Company
Fly Penguin Inc.|
Make Fun Memories.
Like flying penguins, we are free to think outside the box. We create contents that will remain in your hearts and minds.

CEO: Kosuke Kawahara
Establishment: June 3, 2013
Business: Planning and development of games for smartphones
Design and production of effects, characters, backgrounds, etc.

● The latest information on “Menya Dragon Ramen” can be found at the following links.
-Special website (
-Official Twitter in Japanese (
-Official Twitter in English (
-Discord (



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