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A message from the product team of PlayMining NFT Premier!

The new PlayMining NFT Premier, the first of the PlayMining platform’s multi-chain enabled marketplaces, will be available soon on Binance Smart Chain.
This time, we would like to share with you a message from our product team on the launch of the service in February 2022.

▼Taishi Sato(Product Manager)

I have spent my career in the traditional financial industry, but I have always felt frustrated by the lack of passion from the creators and the inability to find products that make me want to buy them.Of course, financial return is important, but I always thought that both sellers and investors/buyers would be happy if there were products that they would want to keep forever.
Therefore I was fascinated by NFT and DeFi, where the main buyers are contributors to the products and ecosystems as well as genuine fans of the products. So I decided to jump into the blockchain industry.
I see a lot of potential in the blockchain ecosystem because NFT and DeFi made it possible to reward investors as well as fans who support their projects and products.
In a traditional stock company, which is the main structure of the financial market, only the investors are considered to be rewarded, not the contributors to the product. I believe that the contributors and the fans of a product are the most important part of a company or a project, so I am leading this project to create a marketplace that rewards them and the creators the most.

▼Takashi Ohkawa(Project Manager)
I am happy to have been involved in the creation of a service that will provide a window to the large market of Binance.
We have designed PlayMining NFT Premier to have an easy-to-understand UI so that not only users who have experience in purchasing NFTs through markets such as OpenSea, but also new users can use it without feeling uncomfortable.
We are also working on the development of an environment that will allow users to play games using the NFTs they have purchased. We are excited to provide more users with the opportunity to experience Play to Earn, so please look forward to its opening!

▼Mitsushi Ono(Promotion Manager)

PlayMininig has been regarded as a private chain project so far, but this marketplace will surely change such a perception. We will gain recognition as a public chain project! We hope BSC users will be attracted to Japanimation IP due to this project!

▼Teruko Hiraga(Creative Director)
Beautiful illustrations drawn by famous creators from Japan and other countries are decorated with delicate and stunning effects that accentuate the world view. Our ultimate goal has been the creation of a unique world for each artwork.
In the PlayMining Limited Edition, all the CG background effects are different, respecting each character. Each character has a different touch, so it took a lot of trial and error to find the right style for the background. That effort was rewarded with the splendid artwork that one can adore. We are working on new works one after another, so please do look forward to them!

The WORLD FLAGS Collection was inspired by Japanese hanging scrolls to express Japanese wabi-sabi. It’s a rare collectible NFT that has a lot of dynamic movement in a square format, so you can enjoy each piece as a single artwork as well as a part of a collection.
You can also cut out your favorite scenes and use them as icons. The last scene of each NFT is a puzzle piece that is a part of one big artwork, making it more collectible. If you obtain all four different versions of the same samurai, you will receive a special NFT that will show the completed puzzle illustration.

We hope you will enjoy these more artistic and intriguing artwork, which is different from the NFTs that PlayMining has brought to you so far.




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