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PlayMining’s Fifth Game Title “Graffiti Racer” Overview

We are pleased to announce the overview of the 5th PlayMining platform game “Graffiti Racer”.

■Game Overview
“Graffiti Racer” is a new type of “coloring & racing” game in which players color in their own characters and race them to collect points. By acquiring a black and white “Sheet NFT” and coloring in the character, you can enter the race to earn DEP according to the ranking in the race.
The key skills of the character are determined by the “Sheet NFT”. The higher the rarity of the “Sheet NFT”, the more powerful skills it possesses, providing an advantage in the race.

■How to Earn DEP
There are two ways to earn DEP in “Graffiti Racer”. One is by coloring and the other is by racing. You can choose one or both ways of earning. You can also hire a Scholar to earn DEP without playing the game, if you become an Owner.

<Color to Earn>
-About Sheets, Color Layers, and Characters-

In “Graffiti Racer,” a “Color Layer” is created by coloring on a “Sheet” which serves as the base. By attaching the “Color Layer” to the “Sheet”, a “Character” is created to compete in races.
The non-NFT Sheets can be obtained for free as the game’s login-bonuses or by purchasing Sheet packs in the in-game store. NFT Sheets can be purchased as a single piece or as Sheet NFT packs at PlayMining NFT. The Sheet NFTs without Color Layers and the Sheet NFTs with Color Layers (Characters) can be exhibited and traded at PlayMining NFT. However “Color Layers” created by coloring in the Sheets can only be traded in the in-game store.

-About Coloring-
The coloring (creating Color Layer) of a character is conducted by using such palettes as the following.

The higher the rarity of the Sheet, the harder it is to color.
There are two modes of coloring: “Easy Coloring Mode” and “Hard/Advanced Coloring Mode”.

・Easy Coloring Mode: Includes a palette color guideline
・Hard/Advanced Coloring Mode: No palette guideline, bonuses are given upon completion.

<Race to Earn>
In the “Graffiti Racer”, players can participate in races using the painted characters and earn DEP or “Race Coins” which are in-game currency, depending on their rankings.

-Types of Races-
There are two types of races: “Tour Races” and “Ranking Races”.
In “Tour Races”, players can earn in-game coins called “Race Coins” by achieving certain missions.
“Ranking Races” has two categories; “Regular” races, in which you can compete without NFT and “Premium” races, in which NFTs are required to participate. Both categories offer the chance to win DEP and “Race Coins”, but the “Premium” races offer higher DEP rewards.

-In-game coins “Race Coins” and in-game points “Race Points”-
“Graffiti Racer” has in-game coins “Race Coins” and in-game points “Race Points”.
The methods to earn and its usage are as follows:

Race Coins
・How to earn: Through “Tour Races” and “Ranking Races”
・Usage: Character Enhancement (level up)

Race Points
・How to earn: By creating a character (creating a Color Layer by coloring the Sheet and attaching it on to the Sheet)
・Usage: Needed to enter races

■Breeding Function
Two Sheets can be combined to create a new Sheet by consuming DEP and breeding points of the Sheet used for breeding. Both NFT and non-NFT Sheets can be bred, but NFT Sheets must be bred with NFT Sheets and non-NFT Sheets must be bred with non-NFT Sheets.
Breeding Points consumed in the breeding process can be recovered by consuming non-NFT Sheets.

■About the Scholarship System
The Scholarship System is implemented in “Graffiti Racer”.
By using the scholarship feature, players who own NFTs (Owners) can lend their Sheets to other players who wish to borrow them (Scholars).
The Scholar can make a Color Layer by painting the borrowed Sheet or purchase a Color Layer sold in the game and attach it to the Sheet to make a Character. This Character will then be able compete in races to earn rewards!
*Note that the Owner may lend to one Scholar per Sheet NFT.

<Notes on Scholarship>
・As with the Scholarship System of JobTribes and Cookin’ Burger, an Owner can hire as many Scholars as he/she has NFTs, a Scholar can only have one Owner.
・All DEP rewards earned in-game during the Scholar period (while borrowing NFTs from the Owner) will be sent to the Owner’s wallet.
・DEA will not be involved in the matching process of Scholars and Owners, nor in the exchange of rewards between them. The procedures must be conducted at your own responsibility.

■Overview of “Sheet NFT” Presales
The “Sheet NFT” presale will begin on Wednesday, April 20 at 12:00 (JST).

<Example of NFT Lineup 1>
*NFT will be sold in black and white with no coloring.

<Example of NFT Lineup 2>
*NFT will be sold in black and white with no coloring.

<Pre-sales Period>
・Wednesday, April 20, 11:00 (UTC+8) — until the game launch

<Special site>
For more information on the NFTs on sale, please visit the special website below.

*Please note that you can not use NFTs from other PlayMining game titles(Job tribes, etc…) for “Graffiti Racer”

Please check below for the latest information on “Graffiti Racer”.
・Special site (
・Twitter (
・Discord (



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