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PlayMining’s Fourth Game Title
Overview of the multitasking cooking game “Cookin’ Burger”

We are pleased to announce the game overview of the new title “Cookin’ Burger”, PlayMining’s fourth title.
Cookin’ Burger is scheduled to go on presale on March 18, 2022 at at 11:00(UTC+8), with a beta version launching around May.

■Cookin’ Burger Game Overview
Cookin’ Burger” is a multi-tasking cooking game in which you play the role of a burger shop staff member who takes orders from various types of customers and serves them accurately and quickly in order to build your restaurant’s reputation.
The game simulates the management of a burger shop, which is familiar to people around the world. Despite its simple gameplay, the game requires players to learn the preferences of customers and to think about more efficient cooking order, as if they were running a real burger shop.

■How the Rewards are Earned
In “Cookin’ Burger,” there are three ways to earn rewards: “Daily Missions”, “Weekend Events” and “Monthly Ranking.” In-game scores are tallied each season lasting approximately one month, and DEAPcoin (“DEP”) or in-game items will be distributed.
*The specific reward structure and amounts will be announced separately at a later date.

■About Shop NFT
In Cookin’ Burger, you can own a shop in the game by holding an NFT called a “shop NFT” (However, you can also play without NFTs. Details are described below).
Shop NFTs have several grades and can be upgraded by playing the game, performing well, and spending a certain amount of DEP. The higher the grade of shop NFT is, the more rewards you can earn. But the difficulty of the game also increases as well, so players are required to be more skilful.

■About Parameters
“Shop-NFT has a parameter called “”Reputation””. By remembering customers’ orders and preferences and serving them quickly, the number of regular customers increases, which in turn will increase repeat rate and leads to higher sales and reputation.
On the other hand, by repeating mistakes in serving, poor grilling or failing to serve within the time limit, the shop’s reputation will decline. When the parameter becomes negative, the shop will be locked for a certain period of time, i.e., suspended.

There is also an “aging” parameter. As the number of times you play the game increases, the NFTs “age”, and when it reaches a certain level of age, it can no longer be used in the game. NFTs that have become unusable can be restored by meeting certain conditions.

■About Upgrading
When upgrading a shop, the shop NFT from before the upgrade remains on hand, and the parameters of that shop NFT are inherited, allowing the shop NFT to be upgraded by one grade.

Example: If you upgrade a “Food Cart (Second hand) NFT”, you will get a “Food Cart (Economy) NFT” that inherits the parameters of the former NFT. (The original “Food Cart (Second hand) NFT” and its parameters are retained.)

Incidentally, in addition to obtaining higher grade shop NFTs through upgrading, you can also purchase them directly from the NFT marketplace “PlayMining NFT”.

In addition to the grades, shop NFTs can also be selected by menu (Japanese, Western, or Chinese) and location (Countryside,
city, beach, etc.). The combination of these factors will change the menu offered at the shop and the clientele that visits the store.

*Please note that Cookin’ Burger cannot be played using NFTs from other PlayMining game titles (JobTribes, etc.).

■About in-game items
In Cookin’ Burger, in addition to store NFTs, ingredients, cooking tools, and stamina recovery items appear as in-game items. These in-game items can be obtained as game rewards or at the in-game store.
*Both NFT in-game items and non-NFT items are available.

■About Scholarship System

Cookin’ Burger has implemented a “Scholarship System” in the game.
A user (owner) with a store NFT can use the Scholarship feature to hire a part-time worker (scholar) to play the game for him or her. An owner can rent out one shop NFT to one scholar per shop NFT.

■Scholarship Notes
・Similar to the scholarship system in JobTribes, an owner can hire as many scholars as he/she has NFTs, but a scholar can only be owned by one owner.
・All in-game DEP rewards earned during the scholarship period (while borrowing NFTs from the owner) will be sent to the owner’s wallet.
・The matching of the scholar to the owner and the exchange of rewards between the two will be handled by the owner and the scholar.
The DEA and the Cookin’ Burger management team will not be involved in any way, and you do so at your own responsibility.

■Free to Play
Cookin’ Burger can be played without NFT. Players who do not have NFTs can play the game in a dedicated Food Cart (non-NFT) and earn rewards through special rankings. By improving your game skills, handling more customer orders, and making your restaurant more prosperous, you will increase your chances of being hired by the owner as a scholar on good terms.

■Outline of “Shop NFT” Presale
The presale of Shop NFT will begin on Friday, March 18 at 11:00(UTC+8).
Shop NFT is available in a choice of category x rank x menu x location combinations.

・Category: Food Cart, Food Truck
・Rank: Second hand, Economy, Deluxe
・Menu: Japanese, Western, Chinese
・Location: City, Countryside, Beach

<Example of NFT lineup (1)>
If you wish to open a “Deluxe” “Food Cart” serving “Japanese style” menu in a “City” area, please select this NFT.

Food Cart “Fuji”-JCIDX

<Example of NFT lineup (2)>
If you wish to open a “Deluxe” “Food Truck” serving a “Western” menu at the “Beach”, please select this NFT.

Food Truck “Star”-WBEDX

<Sales period>
Friday, March 18, 2022, 11:00(UTC+8)— until the game launch

<Sales information>
Food cart (Economy): 13,000 DEP
Food cart (Deluxe ) : 63,000 DEP
Food Truck (Second hand) : 125,000 DEP
Food Truck (Economy) : 250,000 DEP
Food Truck (Deluxe): 625,000 DEP

*Food Cart (Second hand) is not available for presale.

<Special site>
For more information on the NFTs on sale, please visit the special website below.

Please note that Cookin’ Burger cannot be played using NFTs from other PlayMining game titles (JobTribes, etc.).

■Game Developer
Burger Studio Inc. |
An independent development studio that has been working since 2018 to spread “fast-food gaming” from Kyoto to the rest of the world.
Cookin’ Burger” is their first NFT game.

CEO: Takafumi Kiyota
Established: April 2018
Business: Game development business

Latest news on “Cookin’ Burger” can be obtained in the following addresses.

・Special site (



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