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PlayMining’s New Game Title
Overview of the “Menya Dragon Ramen”

We are announcing the overview of our “PlayMining” game, “Menya Dragon Ramen”.
“Menya Dragon Ramen” is scheduled to begin its presale in late May 2022, have a closed beta test in late June and launch in late July.

■About the game
”Menya Dragon Ramen” is a game about running a ramen shop and selling ramen you make using the rare ingredients you get by defeating monsters in autobattles in dungeons, making it a unique combination of both an RPG and a shop simulating game.
The amount of DEP you can gain in the game depends on the sales of “Ramen“, so players can earn more DEP by creating new ingredients and recipes.

■How to earn DEP
In “Menya Dragon Ramen”, players can earn DEP and in-game items based on ramen sales.
Ramen sales fluctuate depending on the parameters and combination of ingredients used, so using ingredients with higher parameters or combining ingredients that go well together can lead to bigger sales.
You will need to defeat powerful monsters to get the rare ingredients, so power up your “Employees NFTs” to battle against them.

A ramen sales ranking will be implemented in a later update, which will add the opportunity to compete with other players to earn even more DEP.

■About Employees NFTs
There will be 5 levels of rarity set for the NFTs, “N<R<SR<SSR<UR”.
The rarer, the stronger.

Each character holds an attribute from the following, “Fire, Water, Wind, Light, Darkness”. This will affect the amount of damage you can inflict on the monsters in the dungeons.

Characters will have 8 basic parameters, “Level, HP, Attack, Defense, Cook, Service, Agility, Luck” and a maximum of 2 unique skills, allowing the character to take full advantage of each status in the game. These parameters will grow as they increase their levels.

■Succession (Breeding)
By combining 2 Employees, you will get a brand new Employee. You will need DEP and breeding points from the Employees you combine.
The succession has an important function as the “bred” Employee will inherit the skills and other information the base Employee had and bonus points will be added to their abilities.
You will only be able to “breed” NFT Employees. Non-NFT Employees cannot be bred.

“Menya Dragon Ramen” will be having a scholarship system.
Players who own NFTs (owners) will be able to lend their NFTs to other players (scholars) through the scholarship system. Scholars will then use the borrowed Employees NFTs to gain the rare ingredients and sell ramen to earn DEP. Owners can only assign one scholar per one Employees NFTs.

<Notes on the scholarship system>
・Owners can lend their NFTs to as many scholars as they want, as long as they have enough Employees NFTs. However, as is the case for JobTribes and Cookin’ Burger, scholars are only able to borrow NFTs from one owner.
・ALL of the DEP earned during the scholar period will be sent to the owner’s wallet.
・DEA will not be involved in the matching process of scholars and owners nor in the exchange of rewards between them.

■About the presale of “Employees NFTs”
The presale of “Employees NFTs” is scheduled to be held in late May.

<NFT Lineup>
We are planning to sell Employees NFTs that each have various abilities.
※The NFTs will all be sold at their initial ability status.

<Sales period>
Scheduled for late May 2022

“Employees NFTs” will be sold in the “PlayMining NFT” marketplace.

※You will not be able to use NFTs from other game titles (JobTribes, etc.) in “Menya Dragon Ramen” at the time of the release.

<Special site>
For more information on the NFTs on sale, please visit the special website below.

■About the developers
Fly Penguin Inc.|
We create content that will “remain in your heart” using our creativity, thinking outside the box like a flying penguin.

・CEO: Kosuke Kawahara
・Address: 3F Imas Works Bakurocho 1–6–8 Nihombashi Bakurocho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103–0002 Japan
・Founded: June 3rd, 2013
・Business: Planning and development of smartphone games, Designing effects, characters and background art.

The newest information about “Menya Dragon Ramen” will be announced on our official HP, Twitter and Discord below.

・HP (



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