We’ve got some new Playpost features to share with you!

In this update:

  • FREE trial for all our paid subscriptions
  • Share subscriber-only articles from Safari
  • Supporting more than 110+ voices in different languages
  • Android App development progress
  • Like the App? Let us know by a review in the App Store

If you haven’t tried Playpost yet, get the app for free in the iOS App Store.

🎉 FREE trial for all our paid subscriptions

We would love everyone to try out Playpost the way it should be used; with our highest quality voices. Because of that, we’ve added free trial options for our Premium and Plus subscriptions. So you can try out the Premium HQ voices for FREE.

Get started by opening the App and then “Upgrade” on the top-right. You can then choose the subscription you like and start the free trial. You can cancel anytime.

Make sure the Playpost app is updated to the latest version (1.0.28)

Get started by downloading the iPhone App

👍 Share subscriber-only articles from Safari

Sometimes the article you want to listen to is behind a login or paywall. We call it “subscriber-only” article’s. You can read the article, but our little article crawler cannot access it.

Now, you can share those articles from Safari on your iPhone. Just open Safari, make sure you are logged in that website, press the share button and select the Playpost app. Easy!

We’ll be releasing a Chrome browser extension very soon, that also allows you to share subscriber-only articles from your computer to the Playpost app.

🌎 Supporting more than 110+ voices in different languages

We’ve added support for articles in the languages: Hindi, Portuguese, Russian and Polish. With that, we have now over 110 different voices to be used!

We’ll be adding support for more languages in the coming weeks, including: Arabic, Turkish, Danish, Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese, Italian and many more…

For a complete changelog visit Playpost in the App Store.

🤖 Android App development progress

We are currently working on the Android App which is almost ready to be tested. If you’d like to test out our Android app, let us know at the Playpost. Let us know which Android version and type of phone you use.

We’ll be sending the beta invites in the coming days.

Like the App? Let us know by a review in the App Store

We would love to hear from you how your experience with the App is. Did you like the App? It would be great if you can share your review in the App Store. You can also share your likes and dislikes by having a chat with us.

Thank you for using Playpost!

Jordy van den Aardweg

Written by

Freelance Frontend Developer, founder Playpost, music addict, wannabe Photographer rebelling in Amsterdam or exploring the world. https://jordyvandenaardweg.nl



Instant podcasts of every article. Turn every article on the web into audio using industry leading high quality voices. So you can listen to it just like Podcasts and Audiobooks: https://playpost.app

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