Silly moves have never felt so good

If there is one thing I have learned from both my daughter, and some very silly movies I like, is to dance silly. Dancing silly, or otherwise known as dancing like no one can see you, can instantly lighten your mood.

How is this done? Well if you don’t know..this is how I do it. I pick one (or a few) of my favorite songs and I will either make up my own dance moves or over-embellish the dance moves to the song that I do know. I will go all over the house, sometimes even sing along, and just get into it. It definitely has to be up-beat music that you really enjoy though, that is the key.

Start moving, and feel free to involve your anyone who is around. Kids love to do this and will be very willing participants. Animals, particularly dogs will get excited when you start to do this and try to involve them. If you are so daring, you can even involve your spouse/partner as it will help you both be silly together and increase your moods simultaneously. Do remember that whether with someone (kid, pet, spouse) or not, that keeping it to yourself is also tremendously fun.

Then, cue the laughter. I have a lot of fun doing this. I find that when I’m in a mood where I am agitated or even just a little sad, that turning on my favorite music and dancing around, makes me smile. The sillier you are, the more you laugh. The more you laugh, the happier you will be.

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