You Make Me

You make me laugh gleefully. It makes me feel like a little girl in a chocolate shop.

You keep me warm. Those mysterious deep eyes of yours, embrace me.

Your touch melts me inside. I dream of us together.

True happiness to be. Through hard times or sad times.

This will never outweigh the good feelings, as you and I cannot be separated.

Together we conquer fears and soon success will strive stronger.

Smart and humble. Good looking too. You wear a smile that can light up a room.

My love for you will stay, even with whatever fights lay ahead.

Be mine, my dear. I will be yours, too.

Laugh with me. Cry with me. No one knows you more true.

Days will pass, yet we will last strong.

Humans will be typical, but unique. Unique you are.

Happiness will surround us, and you if you let it. It’s easy to be scared of happiness, but it is what we all truly desire.

Give in, like you allow me to love you. Give in to happiness and let the laughter and joy of life surround you.