The game that is changing fantasy football

What’s the best part about playing in a fantasy football league? Drafting players? Yeah, that’s good until your best player gets hurt (oh, he’s getting hurt). How about setting your roster? Sure. Then it’s Week 10 and you’re out of contention, not giving a shit.

This is you, every year. Maybe not as good looking.

At one point or another, we all realize that the time and energy put into drafting your fantasy league doesn’t lead to a higher chance of success. Yet, we keep coming back for more because we love the camaraderie and connection we get from competing with friends.

It was this fundamental thought that led us to create, develop, and launch Sideline Fantasy Sports. We were flat out tired of how time-consuming and luck-driven fantasy leagues are to play in. But, for some reason, we come back year-in and year-out so we can talk some shit and compete (we ALL love competing).

Sideline allows users to make legal sports bets on NFL games, using points (not money), with the objective of competing against your friends. No, no, no, we don’t take your money…that’d be illegal. You pick games using odds, wager points, and try to outscore your opponent. The goal — just like traditional fantasy — is to win your league.

Don’t try and contain your excitement

Here’s why this fundamental shift is disrupting the fantasy space:

1. Picking teams is straight up more fun — it’s the foundation of sports
2. It’s way less time consuming + much easier to play, and more fun than traditional fantasy
3.You still get to compete and talk trash to everyone in your league

Honestly, it’s not much more complicated than that. We saw a clear opportunity to make something that doesn’t exist and that people would enjoy.

Our last objective, give it to the user in a way that they want it.

A quick show of hands — how many people interact with their favorite fantasy sports app and leave thinking, “YES! Now that’s the experience I was looking for!” Oh, none of you?! No way!

Our goal for making the app was simple, when someone is done interacting with the it, they should be happier than when they started (unless you made terrible bets, that’s just on you). We focused on making it easy to navigate, intuitive to use, and most importantly — as social as you want it to be.

Tell me why, in 2017, I have to create an email chain or a group text just to talk shit to the people in my fantasy league? It literally makes no sense. I want to communicate in the same place that the interaction happens. It’s not like you’d ever send a Snap then text someone to talk about it (and if you do, it’s time you immediately re-evaluate your life). So, long story short, we put messaging in the app so you can compete and talk all the nonsense you want, all in one spot.

With Sideline, we just wanted to make a game that fits what people actually want, in a way that they actually want to use it.

And to celebrate the launch of our app, we are running a $5,000 Week 1 contest for the NFL. Get in a league with 4+ people and get all 5 of your Week 1 picks correct. It’s that easy.

Hope to see you on Sideline.

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