How to start a game of Taggy with friends or family right now

You have all the tools at your disposal, here’s how it works.

1. CREATE a Facebook group, name your group

2. INVITE your friends, choose who starts as the Tagger

3 SELECT a game length (week, month, ongoing) time and your start date.

4. START and look out behind you!

That’s it! Get outside and have fun!

Here are some texts you can use to explain what the heck will happen in your week, month or ongoing game

Hey I invited you to play Taggy, because it’s fun, it can stir up your life in a positive way. Check to find out why playing is good for you and your life.

It’s simple, it’s ‘Tag you’re it’, but then longer than normal, and with grown ups! Someone starts as the Tagger and will need to find out where the fellow players are located to tag one of them in real life. When that happens share your picture proof in the Facebook group within the hour and the Taggee becomes the Tagger.

That loop continues until the game ends. We chose to play for [INSERT GAME DURATION] and go from there. Have fun!

Furthermore some things you should know.

  • You can’t tag back, the Tagger tags the Taggee, and the previous Tagger is safe until someone else is tagged.
  • Stay safe, watch traffic, and don’t hurt yourself or others, it’s supposed to be a fun game, not dangerous.
  • Starting conspiracies with friends, relatives or coworkers is highly recommended to increase the element of surprise (and effectivity).

Share this to the world 💛 so more people will play!

play Taggy

Playtime is always

♠Milan van den Bovenkamp♥

Written by

Initiator by Trade 🤙 I just CAN’T STOP STARTING things🚀— Design; Community, Games & Tech @Online_Kicking ♠️ — Plays Ultimate Frisbee ⚪️ 🌏

play Taggy

Playtime is always

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