Andrey Manirko : “Uniting arts and technology will give engineers of the future a superpower of inventing through play”

I studied Information Experience Design at the Royal College of Art in London. On the course were examining interactions between human and technologies — how new instruments influence each of us and society as a whole.

During my time on the course we were exposed to ideas and people working in the field, which made me continue this strange, hard to sell, but important field.

When I came back to Moscow, I met one of Playtronica’s co-founders, Olga Maximova. At first I was suspicious of repeating one simple trick with conductive fruits and vegetables, but after few bigger projects I realised there is a lot to learn. The field of human-computer-interactions (HCI) is a bottomless well, that needs perseverance and desire to never stop.

I’m convinced that soon digital world that lives behind the glass of our smartphone would soon overtake every object around us: houses, furniture, clothes, food and even people. It is essential to expose and democratise these technologies before the get fed to us by corporations, rendering our ability to resist the new.

At Playtronica we sincerely believe that it is within our agency to create reality that surrounds us.

Unfortunately such simple idea contradicts many things that happen in schools today, and our mission is to show children that they can invent the world they want to live in. Our experience shows that true insight come through play. By uniting arts and technology we hope to give engineers of the future a superpower of inventing through play.

Our goal for the nearest future is to create a toolkit that can help inspire and raise such engineers.