Kesha Babenko: “If you want to be a musician, take a song you like and play it on a music instrument”

Jan 17, 2017 · 3 min read

We first met Kesha 4 years ago at one of our first workshops. Then we played bananas and constructed simple musical controllers using kitchen foil, MakeyMakey and Pixelord’s samples. Now Kesha is 9 years old and he just have bought our first Playtron, sharing his experience with us.

Experience with Playtron.
I have already connected Playtron to fruits, it was good, but then something got stuck, perhaps I had a ring moved down. I use a finger ring to connect the wire, which I put on to connect to the “earth” and play with two hands. I also connected the other person, so that you can touch and play on her. I also tried another thing: took pineapple and attached to it a few connectors on Playtron, so i got an accord, it gives a few notes at a time. Another thing I’m going to connect to Playtron is a little toy person. Another idea: cut different shapes from foil, for example circles, and make a design like a piano, wherein sounds can be positioned like lower the lowest notes and higher the highest. Will be fun!

What are the three books you are reading now?
First book is “Detective Pike.” It tells about a detective who makes puzzles, and you need to solve them. Second book is a thick biological dictionary — I always carry it with me and I love to read double names of animals. Third book is “My inner Elvis.” Why do I like it? I love all sorts of blues singers (or whatever else they called)

What are the three discoveries have you have done for yourself lately?
I learned to empty tea bag, turning it into a tube. I put it straight, and set on fire. When the tube is burned down to the end, the remnants of it fly away. The second discovery about gestures. If we show two fingers (index and middle) from the back — it would be an insult to the Indians. And if we show two fingers facing the viewer, it is a sign of welcome. Earlier, when there were hunting for the Indians, they cut off these fingers, so they could not shoot a bow. And third, I learned that 10 years before I was born, my mother was a DJ!

Think of three unusual project for Playtron.
One option — I wanted to try to make a car out of Lego-parts and attach the top to the flashlight. When you will touch the torch, it will emit a sound and light. For example, a police car.

Then I would like to use a shelf in a library, connect several very interesting books, that everyone would come, put on an old-fashioned hat, like Pushkin’s, and when it touches the book, it reads the most exciting moments of the tale or story to interest readers.

The third option is for young children — make origami animals, attach Playtron and program sounds, such as a barking dog.

What would you advise guys who want to play music??
If you want to be a musician, take a song you like and play it on a music instrument.


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