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PlayV Announces New PlayV Web, with a New Design and More

PlayV, the digital asset trading strategy marketplace, has announced the release of the brand-new version of the crypto trading strategy marketplace web. With advancements in information layout, component design, service experience, and upgraded interfaces, a new version of PlayV highlight the vision of an ‘easy, fun, and safe crypto trading service’ for all levels of investors in the cryptocurrency market. Since 2021, PlayV has been providing open beta service for retail crypto investors and is headquartered in Singapore to provide better service with a global perspective. PlayV is a trading strategy marketplace where individual investors can directly invest in crypto trading strategies created and managed by pro-traders.

New PlayV web has adopted different voices and feedback of global users collected from the open beta service operation results into the product. The big focus for PlayV’s brand new web was “EASY FOR ALL.”

Improvements to layouts and information design upgraded its service ‘easier’ than traditional and other current digital asset trading services. New PlayV web includes user-friendly design, essential information, and an easy trading service interface. The trading strategy cards are improved by positioning the key and only necessary information to investors at a glance. The increased usability and visual classification will allow investors to figure out customized investing tips on their crypto investing portfolios.

All elements and fonts were reconstructed to increase the visibility of the service experience for users. It allows the marketplace to be differentiated from the current complicated trading service experiences. Only essential information for investment is exposed to individuals as the service is still in the early stage of service operation, focused on delivering the core brand identity and service experience to users from this renewal.

PlayV allows investors to quickly and easily experience cryptocurrency investment by purchasing the pro-traders strategy directly. The minimum investment amount equals $50 offers low barriers to entry into the service. From highlighting the advantages of using PlayV, there will be a “PlayV Run: Trade If You Can” event in the form of a competitive contest between global traders on 20, Jan 2022. The total amount of contest rewards worth 150,000 USDT will be credited to the selected winner.

Steve Hong, CEO of PlayV stated that “the release of new version os PlayV web will provide accessible but secure crypto investment service to the public. Also, the PlayV Run event will provide a proactive trading experience indirectly to users, but activate the bigger trading volume and participation of top-performing traders on PlayV”

About the Company — PlayV

Manage your digital assets with professional traders. PlayV is a crypto trading strategy marketplace where you can manage your digital assets with top-performing traders. Start with only $50 and start to invest like a pro. We are on a mission to make crypto easy and accessible for everyone in the world.


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