Plaza kicks off final token generation presale phase with KickICO campaign

Plaza relaunches TGE with a kick; a KickICO presale campaign.

Plaza, the developer of the fast and future-proof MerchantChain distributed ledger for commerce and the liberating Freedom Lifestyle shopping & payments system, has resumed its token generation event (TGE) process by launching the final phase of its presale.

UPDATE June 28, 2018: Referral program added. See details below.

Plaza CEO & Chief Architect Kevin Johnson

CEO & Chief Architect Kevin Johnson penned an open message today (June 26) introducing a new KickICO campaign. Anyone can participate and earn up to 900 PLAZA tokens.

“A successful KickICO campaign will give us the resources to effectively promote the PLAZA token main sale, which we have tentatively scheduled to commence on September 15.

“We need your help to make this presale phase successful by voting for Plaza on the KickICO platform. Earn up to 900 PLAZA tokens by following these simple steps:”

Step 1: Sign up for KickICO at and complete the simple KYC.

Step 2: Vote for Plaza at and leave a comment

Step 3: Take screen captures of your vote and comment and post them at

Step 4: Encourage others to vote for Plaza at KickICO

PLAZA will be allocated to each voter as follows:

According to their KickICO “Voice weight”
1.0 to 2.0: 100 PLAZA
2.1 to 3.0: 150 PLAZA
3.1+: 200 PLAZA

PLUS 25 PLAZA for a comment.

And then multiplied by a Speed Factor Multipier determined by how quickly they vote:
First 100 voters: X 4
101–500: X 3
501–1000: X 2
1001–2,000 X 1 (no multiplier)

Referral program UPDATE: Anyone who refers another voter will receive a Bonus Multiplier ADDED to their Speed Factor Multiplier — what that means is if you signed up and received a 3X multiplier, it will increase by 1 for every voter that you refer, so if you refer one person, your 3X multiplier will grow to 4X, then if you refer another it will grow to 5X; and yet one more referral then 6X and so on. The growth is only capped by how many voters you refer (until Plaza achieves 2,000 KickICO votes or Plaza gets selected for promotion at which point all PLAZA rewards for this campaign will cease).

Example: Someone with a KickICO voice weight of 3.1 who votes (200 PLAZA) and makes a comment (25 PLAZA) and who is among the first 100 voters (225 PLAZA X 4) will be rewarded with 900 PLAZA tokens. If they then refer three people who vote for Plaza (225 PLAZA X (4+3)) then they will be rewarded 1,575 PLAZA tokens.

Mr Johnson wrote: “Our TGE postponement in late April was based on several factors including market conditions and stakeholder feedback.

“Of course we always remained confident in the potential of the MerchantChain to disrupt ecommerce.

“Promising deals currently in the pipeline out of Africa, China, and Southeast Asia serve to bolster our confidence … In the meantime I look forward to your continuing support by voting for Plaza at”

About Plaza

Plaza occupies the intersection of lifestyle and technology.

We are developing the Total bCommerce™ solution, which includes the fast and future-proof MerchantChain™ — a blockchain-infused commerce (bCommerce) infrastructure upon which others can build decentralised applications — as well as the Freedom Lifestyle™.

The Freedom Lifestyle suite of product search & payment tools offer:

  • The ability to quickly and conveniently browse the best shopping deals across the whole internet, anytime, and from anywhere;
  • The privacy, savings, and security of cryptocurrency payments;
  • The sensible flexibility to enjoy the products of your favourite vendors using a payment system everyone is familiar with; and
  • That’s not all! Follow the links below to find out more …


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