What will the ideal crypto lifestyle look like in 2018?

Image by Pexels via Pixabay.

We’ve read that the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry in 2017 is analogous to the internet in the early ‘90s. However, a crypto-integrated lifestyle in 2018 doesn’t have to be confined to geeks, gamers, and greasy-palmed teenagers as was much of the internet 25 years ago.

Through the intelligent integration of established and emerging technologies, the ideal crypto lifestyle in 2018 should offer you:

  • The integration of your cryptoassets into a payment method with which nearly everyone, everywhere is familiar;
  • The flexibility to spend crypto on the move, and at shops, restaurants, and hotels, even if they don’t accept crypto;
  • The freedom to convert your crypto into local currency from a global network of ATMs;
  • The certainty and stability of prices without having to interpret the value of small fractions or transcribe multiple decimal places;
  • The additional savings derived from low blockchain transactions fees;
  • The assistance of an artificial intelligence that works exclusively for you, its owner, not the developer who sold it to you;
  • The anonymity to browse products and prices online without being subjected to targeted advertising long after you’ve made your purchase;
  • The convenience of searching the whole internet for options and prices without spending hours doing so;
  • The rewards of a loyalty program that instantly and automatically pays out real value without conditions attached; and
  • A fair share of blockchain mining revenues paid to you instantly and automatically.

Indeed the ideal crypto lifestyle in 2018 will be very similar to the one you enjoy right now except that it will be more convenient, more private, more liberating, more rewarding, less expensive, and just as secure.

There is a technology company working on this right now. It’s named Plaza Systems and it occupies the intersection of lifestyle and technology.

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About Plaza Systems

Plaza Systems occupies the intersection of lifestyle and technology.

We are developing the Total bCommerce™ solution, which includes the fast and future-proof MerchantChain™ — a blockchain commerce (bCommerce) infrastructure upon which others can build decentralised applications — as well as the Freedom Lifestyle™.

The Freedom Lifestyle suite of product search & payment tools offer:

  • The ability to quickly and conveniently browse the best shopping deals across the whole internet, anytime, and from anywhere;
  • The privacy, savings, and security of cryptocurrency payments;
  • The sensible flexibility to enjoy the products of your favourite vendors using a payment system everyone is familiar with; and
  • That’s not all! Follow the links below to find out more …

Website: plaza.systems

White Paper: plaza.systems/whitepaper

More news & opinion from Plaza Systems: medium.com/plaza-systems