Why the MerchantChain™ for business, trade, commerce … (summary with links)

This article is a summary of “Why the MerchantChain™ will be the go-to blockchain for business, trade, commerce”. Please read that if you want fuller explanations and diagrams.

Plaza Systems’ MerchantChain is the fastest, most sustainable, most secure, most scaleable, and most future-proof commerce-specific distributed ledger technology (DLT or “blockchain”) on the planet.

Plaza Systems CEO & Chief Architect Kevin Johnson

“The fast and future-proof MerchantChain is a DLT platform designed for commerce,” Plaza Systems CEO & Chief Architect Kevin Johnson said.

“It’s the Ethereum for anyone who is serious about conducting business, trade, and commerce on the blockchain.”

SQ2 CTO and Plaza Technology Director Ronald Aai

The MerchantChain is based on SQ2 Fintech’s proprietary FSDLT (file system DLT) AURA™.

SQ2 CTO and Plaza Technology Director Ronald Aai said: “We have attempted to address fundamental problems with cryptocurrencies and blockchain and we believe we have succeeded.”

Mr Johnson said: “We believe the MerchantChain is the first truly disruptive blockchain solution designed for mass adoption.

“The MerchantChain allows businesses and individuals to leverage a fast and future-proof DLT and enjoy the benefits of a truly useful cryptocurrency.”

How fast is the MerchantChain?

The MerchantChain can handle 15,000 transactions per second (tps) in parallel ALL of which take three seconds or less to resolve.

The practical usefulness of the MerchantChain is retained during even the highest-volume scenarios.

How is the MerchantChain sustainable?

MerchantChain’s proof-of-reputation (POR) rewards nodes using an algorithmic mixture of response time, influence (number of connections), and stake (number of transactions), as well as a healthy dose of randomness.

The upshot is that the MerchantChain ledger is maintained by ultra-low-powered IOT (internet of things) devices rather than high-capacity, energy-sucking processing rigs.

How secure is the MerchantChain?

The ability to stamp out fraud and other illegal activities is an oft-overlooked aspect of sustainability.

All buyers and sellers on the MerchantChain must possess the AURA SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate, preventing fraud and instilling trust and confidence in the ecosystem.

In what way is the MerchantChain scaleable?

Built into the MerchantChain model is a strong positive correlation between transaction volume, user numbers, and the deployment of nodes.

And correlation corresponds to causation in this case as higher numbers of transactions and users leads to the purchase of more IOT devices, such as the PlazaConcierge™ smart speaker.

How can the MerchantChain be future-proof?

Sustainability and scaleability both have massive implications for the future of the MerchantChain, but so does the emergence of technologies that could threaten its very existence, such as quantum computing.

Fortunately, the MerchantChain is quantum-proof for the foreseeable future thanks to its proof-of-reputation algorithm.

Find out more

For more about speed, sustainability, scaleability, security, and the future — including diagrams — please read Why the MerchantChain™ will be the go-to blockchain for business, trade, commerce.

About Plaza Systems

Plaza Systems occupies the intersection of lifestyle and technology.

We are developing the Total bCommerce™ solution, which includes the fast and future-proof MerchantChain™ — a blockchain commerce (bCommerce) infrastructure upon which others can build decentralised applications — as well as the Freedom Lifestyle™.

The Freedom Lifestyle suite of product search & payment tools offer:

  • The ability to quickly and conveniently browse the best shopping deals across the whole internet, anytime, and from anywhere;
  • The privacy, savings, and security of cryptocurrency payments;
  • The sensible flexibility to enjoy the products of your favourite vendors using a payment system everyone is familiar with; and
  • That’s not all! Follow the links below to find out more …

Website: plaza.systems

White Paper: plaza.systems/whitepaper

More news & opinion from Plaza Systems: medium.com/plaza-systems

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