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I Tried a Luxury Aphrodisiac. Here’s My Comprehensive Review.

SEX by House of Wise was an interesting ride.

Kaia Bell
Kaia Bell
Mar 23 · 5 min read

Aphrodisiacs, or libido enhancers, are one of my casual interests. I remember hearing about Spanish fly as a kid and being instantly fascinated by the idea that some magical drug could have that kind of impact. Unfortunately, that fascination died the moment I discovered it was extracted from beetle dung and can lead to urinary infections and death.

But the curiosity about aphrodisiacs is still there.

Bear in mind, I’m a woman, so when I think about aphrodisiacs, I’m not thinking about erections. I’m thinking about things like enhanced sensitivity, the intensity of my orgasms, or the speed at which I come. I’m thinking about arousal.

Right now, there’s a package of very expensive aphrodisiac CBD gummies in my house. For over a week, they’ve been sitting on the table, quietly taunting me. Since I rarely see people test these things — let alone provide a comprehensive, and arguably graphic, review — I’ve decided to do exactly that. For science.

SEX by House of Wise ($90). The company is new and seems to be geared toward CBD-based luxury products for women.

The active ingredients listed on the package are as follows: 200mg horny goat weed extract, 100mg maca root extract, 10mg ashwagandha extract, 15mg full-spectrum CBD.

The serving size is one gummy. Effects are supposed to be felt in about an hour.

Before I describe my Comprehensive Arousal Evaluation Method, I need to talk about the clitoral complex.

Most people are familiar with the clit itself, but what seems to be less well-known is that it’s part of a much larger complex of erectile tissue that extends back, wrapping around the vagina. This is known as the clitoral complex.

When aroused, the entire complex becomes engorged, creating a throbbing sensation internally and activating a few pleasurable areas in the vagina. This is why inserting a tampon feels like nothing, but penetrative sex can feel like everything. Arousal plays a major role in increasing sensation.

I think of the clit complex as a hidden erection. You might not be able to see it, but you can definitely feel it. And since there are varying degrees of arousal, I can usually get a read on how turned on I am by how much I can feel, and how intensely I feel it.

Here’s how I plan to evaluate my arousal:

  • I’ll use a g-spot dildo (njoy Pure Wand) and use pressure to see if I’m feeling it internally. If I’m aroused, it’ll feel like I’m stimulating my clit from within.
  • I’ll touch my clit with my fingers. If I’m aroused, I’ll be able to use direct contact. If I’m not, it’ll be too sensitive for direct contact.
  • I’ll use a silicone dildo for internal friction. If I’m aroused, it’ll feel amazing. If I’m not, it’ll feel strange and annoying.
  • The Hitachi Magic Wand, the most reliable workhorse of vibrators. I plan to use it on a low setting to come and gauge the intensity of my orgasm.

The Hitachi can force an orgasm out of me under any circumstances, but the intensity of the orgasm varies depending on my arousal. For example, I once used my Hitachi after a three-hour edging session. I felt the orgasmic build-up in my thighs, chest, fingers, and toes, then came so hard I nearly choked on my tongue. I had to come three more times just to get my body to settle down enough to go to sleep.

That’s the high bar.

The low bar is an orgasm that feels like a frustrated sneeze.

9.30am: I just ate a gummy. It tastes like one of those Sunkist Fruit Gems. Sweet, fruity, pleasant. There’s a mild aftertast.

10.30am: I don’t feel anything, so I’m going to give it another thirty minutes.

11am: I’m starting to feel it. It’s a subtle throbbing sensation at the surface of my clit.

11.15am: It’s a little more pronounced now so I’m heading upstairs to get started.

njoy Wand: I don’t feel much internally. After applying pressure from a few different angles, it’s pretty unremarkable.

Clit stimulation: My clit, on the other hand, is all lit up. I can use direct touch easily and it feels very good.

Silicone dildo: It’s not happening. I’m not warmed up enough for penetration.

Hitachi: This is interesting. It feels great but I’m having a really hard time reaching an orgasm. That’s unusual for me. And not necessarily a bad thing. I’m going to take a break and try again in a few minutes.

Hitachi attempt #2: Feels amazing. Still can’t come. This is starting to feel like erotic torture. Tingling in my toes and a lot of pleasure, but no orgasm.

Hitachi attempt #3: Holy shit. There was a slow, intensely pleasurable build-up to a very powerful orgasm. It was both maddening and rewarding, and it took a very long time. My thighs were shaking.

Silicone dildo attempt #2 + Hitachi: Penetration now feels great, especially when I use the Hitachi on my clit at the same time. The pleasure is intense and the orgasm is still delayed.

This time it took me almost twenty (very intense) minutes to come which, again, is very unusual for me, especially after the first orgasm. But it was very, very powerful.

It wasn’t what I expected.

It both dramatically intensified sexual pleasure and slowed my orgasm way down, effectively keeping me on the edge when I would normally come.

Usually, prolonged stimulation has a numbing effect, but that wasn’t the case here. The pleasure was intense, nuanced, and continuous. A lot of the heightened sensation was in and around the clit itself. Internal pleasure was much slower to develop but it got there eventually.

Oral sex would feel absolutely amazing after one of these. I actually started to fixate on that, how incredible it would feel if someone went down on me at that moment.

I could see eating one of these before extended foreplay, or if you have a night in and want to take some time to focus on your own pleasure. While the delayed orgasm aspect definitely threw me for a loop, I think it could be an advantage. It forces you to take your time, and while the need to come can be intense, so is the orgasm that follows. Needless to say, this would be amazing if you or your partner are into edging.

Based on my experience, I wouldn’t rush into penetrative sex. I usually have a strong preference for penetration and the effects of this gummy seemed to slow that down for me. I don’t know if it was a factor of time or stimulation that made penetration more pleasurable, but I’d say it took me about twice as long as it usually does. But once it was pleasurable, it was pretty great.

So, overall, I’d say that while these gummies are pricey, they’re very effective in their own strange way.

I typically write erotica, which you can find here and on my website I’m also on Twitter. Thanks for reading!

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