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Altonomy is a “trading desk, market maker and asset manager for cryptocurrency assets and derivatives”. Pledgecamp is now an investor in their new cloud mining initiative. #MoonMonday

1. Altonomy Partnership

Altonomy is one of the most well-known market makers and trusted by top projects and exchanges in the industry. From their website, Altonomy:

Delivers deep order books, optimal spreads and increased trade volume. Meets KPIs for exchange listings and liquidity management, through automated market making algorithms coupled with unique market insights.

Pledgecamp is now an investor in Altonomy’s cloud mining initiative called AltMiner. (

“In AltMiner, Altonomy is providing a compelling product that gives us the long-term exposure to bitcoin we seek,” said Jae Hoon Choi, founder, and CEO of Pledgecamp. “The regular payouts that AltMiner generates provide a steady cash flow to help fund our daily operations. We are very glad to work with a notable institution like Altonomy on this.”

Pledgecamp’s partnership with Altonomy further aligns the project with top partners in the space. Stay tuned for further news as Q3 introduces additional key partnerships on a regular basis.

2. Binance DEX Listing

Last week, PLG.b began trading on Binance DEX. A small beginning supply of 100 BNB worth of PLG.b (~$3,300 USD) was supplied to provide initial liquidity to DEX users with corresponding PLG (ERC20) removed from the supply.

The PLG / BNB token bridge will be released soon and accordingly, PLG (original ERC20 version) remains locked from trading at this time.

In recent news, Binance announced their BEP2 Community Listing Program:

Binance is beginning a new initiative to list at least one project on each month over 3 months, selected from the projects currently trading on Binance DEX.

We are excited at these beginning steps with Binance DEX and look forward to updating the community with next developments.

3. Reminder to Submit Your “Question of the Week”

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Access the form here:

Thank you everyone, we look forward to bringing you a full week of content and another #TokenTuesday tomorrow. Keep your eyes peeled for a second significant announcement this week.


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The Next Generation of Crowdfunding.

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