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David Ambroz, Executive Director at Walt Disney Television Group, brings a wealth of knowledge and business connections to Pledgecamp. #MoonMonday

As an Executive Director at one of the world’s most powerful media companies (that recently paid $71.3B to purchase 21st Century Fox), David is among the top leaders in media, business, and philanthropy.

Walt Disney Television oversees television assets owned and operated by The Walt Disney Company, including: the ABC network; cable networks: Freeform, Disney Channels, FX and National Geographic channels; Disney Television Studios: ABC Studios, 20th Century Fox Television and Fox 21 Television Studios; ABC News; and ABC Owned Television Stations.[1]

David also serves as President of the City Planning Commission, where he presides over hearings and reviews cases on planning maters in the City of Los Angeles. In 2016, he was awarded Champion of Change by the United States White House for his work for child welfare reform as the founder of

With his vast experience in media and business, David can help position Pledgecamp to better reach entrepreneurs and users all over the world. In addition to prioritizing growth, David will help ensure that Pledgecamp is positioned as a moral leader in business and media to reach the ever-more socially conscious consumer, for example by overseeing philanthropic efforts on the platform.

In addition, as Pledgecamp aims to launch new incubation centers in the future (including Hong Kong, Los Angeles, and more) the team aims to learn from David’s experience as President of the City Planning Commission.

We are excited to welcome David to the Pledgecamp family, and we hope you are as well. Have a great #MoonMonday!


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The Next Generation of Crowdfunding.

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