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To further Pledgecamp’s presence in Asia and expand globally as a whole, Pledgecamp will open a new engineering office and incubation center in Hong Kong in 2020. #MoonMonday

A new Pledgecamp office and incubation center

This incubation center will be a joint collaboration with CMU Fund to source and invest in innovative new companies, and will work closely with CMU Fund portfolio companies based in Hong Kong. CMU Fund will assist Pledgecamp in connecting with the right organizations and companies in Hong Kong to establish the platform’s authority in the region.

(for a refresher on our partnership with CMU Fund, revisit this partnership announcement from last week:

In the future, Pledgecamp aims to replicate this model with CMU Fund and launch another incubation center in Beijing as well. Work towards establishing the Hong Kong office first is already underway, and we are excited to bring further updates on its progress and what this means for Pledgecamp in the future!

A well-established strategy

In this TechCrunch article, the writer notes:

For western startups looking to enter Asia and Asian startups expanding globally, more funding has become available as investors are increasingly looking to export local tech solutions to overseas markets…

Hong Kong offers great exposure to mainland China with easy access to fast-growing places like Shenzhen — which houses some of the world’s biggest tech firms such as Tencent, Huawei and DJI.

Pledgecamp will draw from the incredible talent pool from Hong Kong and nearby Shenzhen to build out our engineering resources and startup incubator to support the vibrant startup culture in the region. With these initiatives, we predict we will have a strong source of future projects to list on the platform and grow our presence in one of the most important markets in the world.

For more details about the Pledgecamp platform, refer to our white paper accessible at

This post may contain forward-looking statements about the future functionality of the platform. The platform is currently in development, and we reserve the right to make changes to the design, names, or functionality of features in the interests of making the platform successful. For full risk factors, see white paper.


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The Next Generation of Crowdfunding.

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