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CMU fund ( is based out of Beijing, investing widely throughout China with $20 billion USD in assets under management. CMU Fund and Pledgecamp will work to stimulate entrepreneurship and funding in China. #MoonMonday

According to a bio on their website, the main business of CMU Fund:

includes finance, urban development and construction, medical and recreational leisure, hydropower and environmental protection, mining new energy, carbon and electricity trading, security industry, technology, and maritime tourism.

The Group’s mission is to fully utilize the strong shareholder background, the national comprehensive resource integration platform, and the industry + capital to help financial services and industrial innovation. (translated)

Essentially, CMU Fund is a government-level organization with wide-ranging business investments throughout China. Their interest in Pledgecamp stems from a shared vision of helping entrepreneurs gain access to finance and create real value and innovation in the Chinese region.

To that end, the following points are some of the ways in which Pledgecamp and CMU Fund intend to collaborate in a fruitful partnership. Together, we aim to:

  1. Assist Chinese entrepreneurs and companies to list projects on the Pledgecamp platform and expand their global reach beyond China.
  2. Projects listing on Pledgecamp can have the opportunity to work directly with the numerous portfolio companies of CMU Fund, finding strategic business partnerships with both startups and established companies.
  3. Assist portfolio companies of CMU Fund to launch on Pledgecamp for follow up rounds.
  4. When applicable, Pledgecamp may co-invest with CMU Fund. Vice versa, CMU Fund will evaluate Pledgecamp projects to expand their investment portfolio.

This partnership benefits future projects

The partnership opens huge potential opportunities for Pledgecamp, especially for future projects that may list on the platform. In addition to the benefits of aligning with a state-level institution, point number 2 on the above list is particularly exciting.

An investment fund and business group with the reach and scale of CMU Fund ($20B USD in assets under management) offers a diverse opportunity for startups to find strategic partners to take their companies to the next level.

For example, a medical AI company launching a project on Pledgecamp can gain exposure to the right higher-ups that may potentially lead to working with hospitals and medical offices where CMU Fund has influence through its investment, partnership, or ownership.

For more details about the Pledgecamp platform, refer to our white paper accessible at

This post may contain forward-looking statements about the future functionality of the platform. The platform is currently in development, and we reserve the right to make changes to the design, names, or functionality of features in the interests of making the platform successful. For full risk factors, see white paper.


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The Next Generation of Crowdfunding.

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