Pledgecamp Bounty Program

Pledgecamp’s mission is to bring trust back to crowdfunding with escrow powered by smart contracts and a collaborative token economy.

Our community matters a lot to us, and we have decided to give YOU a chance to take part in the creation of our platform.

Today we are announcing our Bounty program where you will be able to earn bonus Pledge Coins for tasks (PLG) during our upcoming token sale.

To access this program, for rules and many more details use this link:

Here is a brief overview of how you can be involved:

1. Pledgecamp Reddit Bounty

Create an original Reddit post about Pledgecamp in 250+ words (500+ for extraordinary)

Quality Grading Scale:

  • Poor/Low: 0–1,000 PLG tokens (0 to ~$10) — may be denied
  • Good: 2,000 PLG tokens (~$20.00)
  • Great: 5,000 PLG tokens (~$50.00)
  • Extraordinary: 7,500 PLG tokens (~$75.00)

Quality is based on the reach of the post, a number of upvotes, technical and grammatical errors, amount of copy/paste information (less the better), and overall layout.

To be extraordinary: Post must have 0 errors, pass plagiarism test and be of original thought, have no copy/paste of information, include links to Pledgecamp website + whitepaper, and get 30+ upvotes.

2. Pledgecamp Telegram Join Bounty

  • Join Pledgecamp Telegram group
  • Then click “participate” below
  • Reward = 300 PLG tokens (~$3.00)
  • No bots/fake accounts (we check)
  • Post a message about Pledgecamp upon joining.
  • Must stay in the group until rewards are distributed.

3. Pledgecamp Twitter Bounty

May only quoted retweet a specific tweet one time and must include hashtag #Pledgecamp along with a personalized comment. Rewards are reward per tweet. You may only post 1 Retweet per day on Twitter (we check)

  • 300–749 followers: 100 PLG Tokens ($1.00) per retweet
  • 750–1499 followers: 500 PLG Tokens ($5.00) per retweet
  • 1,500–4,999 followers: 1,000 PLG Tokens ($10.00) per retweet
  • 5,000–9,999 followers: 2,000 PLG tokens ($20.00) per retweet
  • 10,000+ followers: 3,000 PLG Tokens ($30.00) per retweet

4. Pledgecamp Article Creation Bounty

In the Pledgecamp Article Creation Bounty, hunters are awarded PLG tokens for writing original, non-plagiarized, articles about Pledgecamp. You may use research information from the whitepaper or website but may NOT copy/paste info. Read the rules; there is other information that must be included.

  • Submissions made through Medium must contain a disclaimer at the bottom of the post saying “This article was created in exchange for a potential token reward through Bounty0x” *

5. Pledgecamp Facebook Bounty

In the Pledgecamp Facebook Bounty, hunters are awarded PLG tokens for posting and sharing posts about Pledgecamp. Hunters must Like the Pledgecamp Facebook page to be eligible for any rewards.

Note from Pledgecamp team: unfortunately all US and Chinese participants will be excluded from this program. Sorry for the inconvenience!