Pledgecamp Engineering Update #5

(See previous update here)

Hello again from the engineering team, we’re here with another weekly update! We’ve made great progress on the frontend, one of the highlights this week was a chart for displaying project funding history:

We also continued work on the payments system, as well as the server code that handles blockchain transactions.


  • Set a few tasks for new frontend requirements
  • Expanded test coverage
  • Continued work on the payment processing system


  • Update header and search to new design
  • Update project FAQ section to new design
  • Implement a chart for creators to view funding progress
  • Add custom checkbox and radio button widgets
  • Implement image upload widget with drag and drop


  • Review project and Camp Share contracts
  • Continue blockchain node server work

This Week

This week we’ll keep up the frontend development pace, and try to lock down all the backend payment APIs. We may have some big announcements coming in the next two weeks, so stay tuned!