Preparing for equity crowdfunding with PledgeMe

Rosie Odsey
May 8, 2019 · 2 min read

To help companies that crowdfund with us, we built a program based on our learnings from over 1200 successful campaigns and over 100,000 pledgers. We call it CrowdfundingU. If you were to run a campaign with us, we’d take you through 6 sessions of preparation to set you up for an awesome campaign.

Over these sessions we’ll do a heap of things:

We’ll be right there with you when you prepare your documents. We’ll provide support and feedback during the creation (or review) of your business plan, current financials, forecasts, and valuation. This includes determining a minimum / maximum goal for the campaign.

We’ll be right there with you when you prepare your crowd. We have strong understanding of how crowdfunding can be communicated to your crowd. Let us help you walk through how best to do that. We’ll show the best ways to identify and rally your crowd, starting with your first 50.

We’ll be right there with you when you put together your pitch. We’ll help you get your pitch on point during the second half of CrowdfundingU. Having watched hundreds of videos and read thousands of pitches, we know what makes a good pitch and will help you get yours to stand out. We can also put you in touch with professional writers, videographers, and campaigners who can help you with your pitch — but the real power is going to come from you connecting directly to your crowd.

We’ll be right there with you when you promo the campaign. Successful campaigns are built on powerful plans. CrowdfundingU will take you through particularly daunting aspects of your plan so that you feel confident in the path you pave for your campaign. We’ll help with advice about how best to do your social media, events, and figuring out where your crowd hangs out. We can also rattle the cage of some journalists we think might be interested in your campaign. Our newsletter and social media will also be pumping out some alerts about your campaign. Promo is key. We’ll push you to carry out your plans and do fun and interesting things to raise awareness about your campaign.

If we seem right for you and when you want to get a campaign rolling, you can create your request here. In the meantime, follow us on Medium for some great tips on gathering and activating your crowd so that if you ever want to equity crowdfund, they’ll be right along there with you.

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