Anchor Pointer Upcoming Update 2.0.7

New app icon and watchOS support.

1. Apple Watch Support

With the next version of the Anchor Pointer we’ll bring back Apple Watch support. So many people asked us about it and the new Apple Watch app was created from scratch.


In the new version anchor list has moved to main screen, so you don’t even have to tap a button to see it.

Important note: since we don’t have Apple Watch yet and since Apple don’t provide us ability to test cloud features in Watch Simulators we can’t create watchOS iCloud support. It means that you have to have iPhone near your Apple Watch to transfer the data.

2. New Icon

Anchor Pointer has great long history and since iOS 6 its icon wasn’t changed a lot. Despite the fact that changes in design can affect old users we decide to update its icon with this build. It wasn’t simple to create a new one and we tested a lot of versions, before selected the new one.

New icon was based on arrow UI element that users sees a lot. Old color scheme was saved.

UI arrow that used as inspiration for a new app icon

3. Improved Splash Screen

Blurred icons was removed from splash screen. It’s small improvement, but should be done for people who run the app often.

Left: old, right: new