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Gamification as a way to improve team efficiency

Improving team efficiency in Slack is possible!

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At Pleesher, we think that The Pros of using an instant-messaging app at work overweigh the Cons. However, as emails are not dead (yet?) the number of tools and consecutive notifications that a professional worker has daily has increased dramatically.

A study commissioned by the New York Times found that participants that experienced unexpected interruptions while taking a cognitive skill tests performed 20 percent worse than those who did not experience these interruptions.

Your performance is down by 20% when you experience unexptected interruptions

Instant-messaging app companies are offering many features for users to tackle this issue. However, users don’t always use them. Plus, there is a limit of plugging an extra feature to an existing situation. Why don’t we change the way we use Slack first?

We created Pleesher for Slack as a tool to increase productivity while using Slack.

Be more organized, helpful and influent!

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1. Organization

Staying organized at work especially when it comes to communication is a major issue in companies that use instant messaging tools. It is not only about finding a file, a message or an assigned task. It is also about the consequence of the now infamous FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). More messages, more channels, more files lead to more messages that NEED to be read no matter what as team workers cannot bet on the importance of a message compared to another one. Therefore, one way of partially solving this issue is to make sure people take the best of the features that help teams to limit the number of messages that hit badly productivity.

Pleesher monitors the actions you take with the following features: threads, messages, channels and pins.

2. Influence

Always dreamt of being influent in your team and company? Well, start now by writing relevant information to your team workers!

How a message could have more impact?

- Be short and concise

- Give exclusive content

- Solve issues

- Celebrate the “wins”

The more you write, the less your messages are impactful as people are overwhelmed. You will find many useful tips online of “how to be influent at work”. Do not forget, Slack pushes the influent messages first on the search engine and “unread” (both free and paid version).

3. Help

When it comes to help & support, instant-messaging apps can be very powerful to find an answer to a specific question in the go. However, there is one condition: having the right answer fast.

By monitoring answers and their influence on team workers, Pleesher can help you find the relevant information you are looking for by enhancing Slack features. As a team worker, you increase your position by answering right & fast to any question your team mates are asking!

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