Our team

We are Plentific’s engineers, a bit of a fun kick in a diverse and proficient team, constantly eager to learn and happy to deliver quality.


Kien (2014 -)

I’m a fullstack developer working on javascript and python. Outside of work I enjoy climbing and eating healthy food.


Tamas (2015 -)

I’m a software architect and usually the one to blame. I love solving challenging problems and making things more efficient. I live and breathe technology, always trying to learn new stuff and keep up with the latest trends. I really enjoy working with these guys and can only hope they feel the same way 👀


Leo (2016 -)

I’m a enthusiastic coder and open-source evangelist. I drive the new devs into the platform, diving into the best practices, teaching how to become pros in no time. Perfectionist (pixel-hunter), bad performance and bottle-neck killer, supporter of getting things done; inner and outer peace devoted and gardening lover.


Gianvito (2016 -)

Ciao! I’m Gianvito, Pythoner and member of the back-end team. I work on our Django applications and manage the integration with our sales and marketing external tools. I love a good laugh, a nice philosophical conversation, chocolate and rabbits 🐰


Nicola (2016 -)

I’m a software engineer with an excellent ability to learn new programming languages. Building responsive websites and web apps, working closely with UI/UX designers, problem solving and bug fixing. I like to play football and enjoy my life with good friends.


James (2017 -)

Passionate JS developer and serial css tweaker here 👋. I help build our front-end experience and keep it consistent. I enjoy working with React, learning new tools, and finding ways to write better code. Outside of work I’m a gamer and cider enthusiast.


Tayfun (2018 -)

I’m a senior software engineer dabbling in backend, frontend and devops; with various degrees of success 🙂 In my free time I like reading Japanese literature (everything from Akutagawa to Murakami), wandering in London parks and enjoying being a traveller (not a tourist).

Francesco (2017–’18)

I’m a software engineer with a passion for clean code and good practices that other people developed over time to save us from learning again. I work on the back-end as well as the cloud infrastructure powered by AWS and Kubernetes. In my free time I always like hiking the Dolomites ⛰ and I love backpacking.


Laimonas (2017–’18)

People call me Lime, I’m a full-stack engineer (don’t let the others tell you I’m just front-end). I mostly work on building functionality in the dashboard, landing-pages and emails. I’ve recently taken up bouldering with some of the others, but I’ll never be as enthusiastic about it as Kien is.

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