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Week 4: Plenty DeFi was the title sponsor for the Global DeFi Summit! 😎

As the proud title sponsor of the Global DeFi Summit, we are amazed by the more than 13,000 global viewers on Plenty material during the Global DeFi Summit. DeFi on Tezos has definitely made an impression on the global crypto community last week.

It was Plenty all around during the Global DeFi Summit!

What an amazing event, we loved all the panel discussions a lot. It was very cool to see a Plenty commercial in between all the different segments and having Plenty featured at so many different spots during the conference. We are delighted with the amount of exposure we received, therefore a big thank you to Draper Goren Holm for organizing this epic event! Curious about the panel about the “current state of DeFi on Tezos’’? Watch it back here.

Epic panel was epic

Plenty Commercial!? Show me!

Don’t we all wish to have such an epic voice as this narrator…

PLENTY is very, very liquid 🥃

There is currently over $7,500,000 worth of liquidity in the PLENTY-XTZ trading pair on Quipuswap. This makes $PLENTY by far the most liquid token on Tezos.

The $PLENTY token now has over 173,000 operations on the Tezos blockchain. This makes $PLENTY the token with the highest number of operations on Tezos EVER.

Besides that, we reached a TVL of over $24,000,000 without any sign of slowing down!

Thanks again DappRadar!

With the integration of Tezos dapps in DappRadar, the Tezos DeFi ecosystem is maturing. We are honored to see Plenty being featured in all Tezos related articles on DappRadar.

So how is the coding going?

We are working on the Dip Dup integration to decrease our loading times. We would like to say thank you to the amazing Baking Bad team for the support so far.

Besides performance improvements, our current main focus is the Automated Market Maker (AMM) called PlentySwap, which will allow you to trade Tezos tokens on Plenty. We are testing, testing, testing!



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