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This is an email from Pop-o-rama, a newsletter by Plethora Of Pop.

Pop-o-Rama: Issue #12

Freshly baked pop goodness for your week

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Pop-o-Rama now has enough issues to be a doughnut’s dozen, but don’t go salivating at a Krispy Kreme or Dunkin’s window just yet! Not before you’ve had the chance to check out everything we have in store for you below.

Curation Corner —

Recommendation Station —

Movies: Rocky III, Thor: Love and Thunder, Do Revenge, The Last Black Man in San Francisco, The Sparks Brothers

TV: Big Sky, Law and Order: Criminal Intent, Perry Mason (original), American Vandal, Tuca & Bertie, Pan y Circo

Music: Dion, Tones and I, Toto Van Halen, Desire by Bob Moses & ZHU (song), The Murder Capital (band), Izzi by Isabella Manfredi (album)

What have you been getting into this last week? Or just anything you’d like to recommend to everyone? Add it in the comments!

Tidbits —

In case you missed it we have an Autumn challenge going on for you all to dig into(and if you have seen it already, look again as there has been a tweak to it)! Everything you need to know about it is in the link right here and it’s live now so start sending entries in!

Also, we would like to take some time to offer a fond farewell to editor Ashley. We are grateful for the time, attention, and effort she gave the publication over the course of her tenure here and we will miss having her on the team but are excited to see what else she gets up to from here. A big THANK YOU to her!!

Okay, this golden brown issue has been frosted, sprinkled, and is ready to be devoured by all you lovely writers. Enjoy and…

Be kind and rock on 🤘



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