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Pop-o-Rama: Issue #13

Everyone’s favorite lucky number!

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Watch your step, don’t walk under any ladders, and steer clear of shattered mirrors for today is the 13th edition of Pop-o-Rama! Damn, there was supposed to be a spooky music cue there, but the technology is still a bit wonky. Okay, before any of these cracks breaks our mother's back let’s see what's on tap today, eh?

Curation Corner —

We will not be posting any of the challenge entries here just to keep things fair, FYI!

Recommendation Station —

Movies: Top Gun: Maverick, Love is the Devil, Stranger by The Lake, The Skeleton Twins

TV: So Help Me Todd, Orphan Black, Man Down, Nailed It: Halloween, Documentary Now

Music: Unmasked by KISS (album), Zuma by Neil Young & Crazy Horse (album), Moss by Maya Hawke (album), Burning by Yeah Yeah Yeahs (song), Superposition by Young the Giant (song)

Tidbits —

We are once again here to remind all you fine writers that we have not 1, but 2 challenges going on. If it helps, imagine that was said in the tone of The Count. Everything you need to know about them is below:

Autumn Challenge

Halloween/October Challenge

Please do consider joining in, we’d love to see what you all come up with!!

You guys, we made it through the 13th issue alive! Huh? What do you mean we’ve been the ghosts all along? Darn it!

Well, if we’re going to be getting our haunt on might as well…

Be kind and rock on 🤘



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