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This is an email from Pop-o-rama, a newsletter by Plethora Of Pop.

Pop-o-Rama: Issue #5

Lights, camera, newsletter!

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Welcome lovely Plethora of Poppers! It’s that time of the week again when we slide a basket of publication goodies your way. We hope you all got the glasses we sent so you can see this newsletter in the glorious third dimension! No? Oh well…

Recommendation Station —

Here is what has been on our pop culture plate this week or what we think you should check out!

TV: The Sandman, Generation Gap

Music: Hesitant Alien by Gerard Way (album), Sunshine Coolin’ by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour (song), Spitting Off The Edge of The World by Yeah, Yeah Yeahs and Perfume Genius (song), Home by Daughtry (song), Flares and Paint the Town Green by The Script (songs)

Movies: Oblivion, A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, The Boat That Rocked

Pierce’s Album of The Week —

I never heard of Scud Mountain Boys until just a few weeks ago, when fellow writer and music lover Anthony Overs announced he had chosen the band’s 1996 album Massachusetts as the subject of The Riff’s Album of The Month discussion for August 2022. (More about that at the end of this piece.)

After seeing the name of the band, I was a little worried about what kind of music they played. I had images in my head of a group of musicians sitting together on a porch, all of them wearing overalls, singing and playing their songs as they drank moonshine. Maybe there were songs on their album about how great it is to be married to your cousin, how you can save a lot of money on dentist bills by not having any teeth, etc.

So, yeah. I was kind of being a little mean in my head about the whole thing.

Thankfully, the album was not at all what my twisted little mind had fabricated it into. It’s a very solid album with some very good songs on it. As for what kind of music the band plays, well, I wasn’t sure until a minute ago how to describe it. I did some searches online and found the group described as both “alternative rock” and “alternative country.” I think those both fit, though I’d put the Massachusetts album a little more on the country side than the rock side.

Most of the songs on it are pretty laidback sounding. Of those, my favorites are “In A Ditch,” “Penthouse In The Woods,” and “Lift Me Up.” In fact, that last one is probably my favorite song on the album. I especially like the vocals and guitar playing in it.

Also, even though I’m a very happy ex-smoker and am never going to smoke another cigarette in my life, I quite like the upbeat-sounding song “Cigarette Sandwich.”

I’m not the biggest country music fan in the world, so this isn’t the kind of album I would normally listen to. However, and maybe it’s due to the “alternative” parts of the music here, I dig this album quite a bit. Out of 5 possible stars, I give it…drumroll, please…

3 and 1/12 stars!

If you’re familiar with the album, or you listen to it and form an opinion about it, you may want to join me, Anthony Overs, and several others for the album discussion meeting I mentioned above. Here’s the meeting info:

  • The album chat will be held on Sunday, August 14th.
  • 4pm — 6pm EST
  • Zoom ID: 89869828724
  • Passcode: iVM2?#bj
  • Join by phone: (US) +1 646–931–3860 (passcode: 12650014)

Tidbits —

Today we would like to add a couple more reminders for future submissions. Please remember to properly cite all photos and gifs. We want to be able to publish your pieces with full confidence that credit is as well covered as it can be. If you need a refresher on the guidelines click here.

Also, whenever incorporating lyrics into your work make sure to credit all who had a hand in creating them. It’s an easy thing to forget sometimes but is as equally important as photo citations. Thank you!

That about does it for Pop-o-Rama this fine week. We do hope you’ve been enjoying these newsletters and it’s a pleasure to be able to bring them to you weekly. Happy listening and watching…

Be kind and rock on 🤘



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