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Working My Way To The Weekend

How Music Can Define The Week

Image of a clocking on machine, complete with clock and racks of punch cards, as used in most businesses in the 1950/1960s
Image: Clocking-on device, by unknown author CCA-SA 4.0 via WikiMedia

When you cease working for a living, every day almost feels the same — a watch and a phone become surplus to requirements. It wasn’t always like this. In the old days there was an order as to how the week operated, both domestically and at work.

Certain days meant certain things. Time, the dreaded clocking-on machine, the telephone, and…




Thoughts and reviews about music, television, and movies — classic and new.

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David Acaster

David Acaster

British, retired, loves reptiles & amphibians, keen on history, steam locomotives, travel, real ale and still trying to master that Fender Stratocaster.

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