Version 0.9 changelog

Plottr is getting really close to being production quality. Here are a list of the major changes we’ve made since the last version:


  • flip it vertical!
  • editing cards
     — adding people/places/tags is much easier and looks much nicer
     — editing in general is much better


  • custom character attributes!
  • see what cards your characters are attached to


  • custom place attributes!
  • see what cards your places are attached to

Outline View

  • editing cards
  • filter view by storyline
  • outline on the left side

Ease of Use

  • everything is one click to create or edit
  • everything uses keyboard shortcuts like Enter and Esc to edit or cancel
  • creation and editing is much easier and faster
  • every change is autosaved
  • button colors are less flashy and overwhelming
  • take screenshots

And of course bug fixes and minor improvements


We’re also trying out a new format for this changelog, so let us know if you liked it better.

And as always, we’d like to know what features would help you to make your stories come alive, so keep that feedback coming.

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