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Get ready to be $SWAYed off your feet: PlotX partners with!

More than 100k $SWAY token will be up for grabs as PlotX partners with to bring in sponsored markets on PlotX as well as single sided staking. With this partnership, users will be able to earn $SWAY tokens on each prediction, irrespective of whether the prediction is correct or not. Users will also have a chance of maximizing their gains with the single sided $SWAY staking on PlotX. The offer will be running for a duration of 30 days, after which the rewards will be up for claiming.

Here’s how users can earn assured $SWAY tokens on PlotX:

No-loss predictions On PlotX

Users can earn $SWAY token on PlotX by predicting in any of the live markets on PlotX. The rewards are guaranteed on each prediction and the outcome of the prediction has no bearing on the rewards.

  • #PredictOnPlotX and earn $SWAY Tokens with 300%+ APY for the duration of the offer
  • Rewards will be distributed daily in proportion to your prediction volume. Higher the prediction volume, higher will be the rewards.
  • Rewards will be auto-staked on PlotX and can be claimed at the end of the offer period

Stake it till you make it

Users can stake $SWAY on PlotX apart from the auto-staking of earned $SWAY rewards and earn exciting APY over the next 30 days.

  • Stake $SWAY on PlotX and earn 100+% APY
  • Staked & earned tokens will be auto compounded for maximum returns
  • Funds can be withdrawn at the end of the offer period

Collectively, users have a chance to win up to 100k $SWAY tokens apart from winnings in the regular markets.

Offer Duration: 5th November — 5th December 2021

Start now to maximize your winnings!

With more than 12k markets created on PlotX every month, users literally have 12k chances to earn $SWAY tokens. With competition heating up every month, the early mover advantage will turn out to be massive when it comes to predicting on PlotX. So, start predicting now and take away $SWAY all the rewards

Predict now:

About is a micro-service and marketplace for NFTs created from social media content, and a creator economy platform where creators and fans come together through the SWAY token.

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