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Note to our community — AscendEX hack

What is happening?

On December 11, around 10PM UTC, the AscendEX Exchange was hacked through a compromised Main Hot Wallet. In total approximately $77.7 million was siphoned away across 50+ assets. PlotX was one of the projects affected, with approximately 4.5 million $PLOT tokens taken from multiple accounts. AscendEx assured that all token holders would be fully compensated and they followed through with that promise.

The hacker is now looking to liquidate their holdings and trying to sell their $PLOT on various markets. This has resulted in the $PLOT token price falling by 32% in the last 24 hours.

What happens now?

A hack is an anomalous event, and the $PLOT token price may be affected in the short term due to this. On the flip side, it will be beneficial when the balance tokens with the hacker come in the hands of our community of users & holders.

At PlotX we remain committed to building and creating value with our upcoming Play2Earn product and we are thankful for all the support and help from all of you in the community!




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