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PlotX 2021 Year in Review

2021 flew by in a blink of an eye. The journey that started in 2020 reached new heights in 2021. From project upgrades to improved user interfaces to raining offers to new metrics, 2021 was most definitely a roller coaster of a year.

With 2021 firmly behind us, here is a recap of the PlotX story.

📈 Updates, upgrades, and a hockey-stick growth: The story of 2021

While 2020 ended on a bright yet humble note, 2021 dwarfed anything that PlotX had achieved by then. Just to give you a perspective, here is a look at PlotX in numbers across the 2 distinct years.

Total users by the end of 2020: 150+

Total users by the end of 2021: 80,000+

That means in just a year, PlotX had more than 50X growth! A literal definition of hockey-stick growth.

💪$PLOT listing on MXC Exchange

The year began with a bang as $PLOT opened to a wider market outreach with the listing on MXC exchange.

🤑 $PLOT staking on AscendEX

The single-sided $PLOT staking program began on AscendEX with 12% APR.

❤️ PlotX v2 comes to life on Polygon Mainnet

After months of hard work, testing & development, PlotX v2 finally arrived on Polygon mainnet, much to the delight of the community

😎 Introduction of first-ever Pre-IDO prediction markets

Imagine shorting an IDO? A new chapter in crowd-sourced intelligence, presenting first-of-its-kind Pre-IDO prediction markets on PlotX. DragonBite bagged the honors for being the first pre-IDO market to be hosted on PlotX.

🔥 Presenting the 15 minute Rapid Markets

The fastest way to Predict On PlotX. PlotX introduced 15-minute rapid markets.

🏏Sports Markets make a debut on PlotX

All work, no play makes jack a dull boy. To spice up things at PlotX and Jack’s life, the much-awaited seasonal sports markets made their debut on PlotX.

💰 A brand new vertical with PlotX Earn

PlotX ventured into the sphere of sponsored markets and single-sided staking with PlotX Earn and brought more value to users with this new financial instrument. $SWAY was the first to be hosted on PlotX Earn. At the time of writing, more than 1 Million $SWAY had already been staked on PlotX.

And with bigger and better things under wraps for 2022, we can promise that we have just been warming up so far.

The Road Ahead in 2022

One look at the numbers and achievements of 2021 and it is abundantly clear that we have our task cut out for us in 2022. However, going by the behind-the-scenes preparation shaping up for 2022, we can just say: “The best is yet to come”.

Stay tuned for some exciting updates in January to set the ball rolling. On to 2022!

Onwards and upwards!

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