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PlotX Birthday Bash: Celebrating the first birthday of PlotX with an exciting offer!

Blow the candles! Cut the Cake! PlotX marks completion of 1 year on mainnet. Celebrate with an exciting offer

🎉 It’s time for celebration

As the date on the calendar changes to 13th October, we ring in our first birthday. And we don’t plan to celebrate it alone. The party invite is open to everyone.

And as a gift, you get to earn free $PLOT!

Scroll down to the bottom to find out how we plan to party. You’ll love it! 😋


In the month of February 2020 the idea of PlotX was seeded. An opportunity to predict the price action of markets, leveraging wisdom of the crowd and providing muscle to the DeFi ecosystem sounded exciting and life-altering. And boy, has this been some journey!

After spending months in stealth mode, PlotX Alpha was released to give users a taste of what is to come and pick up user-feedback on the way. Based on the user feedback, the changes in the user experience, UI and little tweaks here and there were made.

And, finally… PlotX is born!

Months of hard work, brainstorming, altering sleep cycles and a lot of heart went into making this day, 13th October — the day when PlotX was launched on the Ethereum mainnet. PlotX opened to largely positive reviews with many in the space dubbing it as ‘Uniswap of Prediction Markets’. With 1 year down on the calendar since then, let’s rewind the time to capture the best moments on PlotX’s 1 year run

👉 Community Comes First

Staying true to its core principle of decentralization, PlotX launched the PlotX Improvement Proposal (PIP) hosted on

👉 PlotX v2 comes to Polygon

PlotX v2 was born with the idea of introducing gasless transactions — a massive UX improvement. After revealing the testnet on 13th April 2021, PlotX v2 finally came to life on the Polygon Mainnet on the 14th May 2021.

Check it for yourself by clicking here.

👉The multi-currency support

PlotX became the first prediction market to introduce multi-currency support.

You can find the details here:

👉Pre-IDO Prediction Markets

PlotX introduced a unique concept of Pre-IDO prediction markets. With this, users got a unique opportunity to predict on assets that aren’t even listed yet.

Check out the results of the first ever pre-IDO here:

👉 Cricket Meets Crypto on PlotX

PlotX also dabbled into sports prediction markets with the Indian T20 league. The league is going on as we speak and has a lot of exciting offers to match up with the tempo of T20 cricket.

Check the offers here:

👉100x increases in Monthly Predicting Users

Consistent upgrades + Improving user experience + Exciting offers =100x growth in monthly predicting users on PlotX

See here:

🥳Time for the PlotX Birthday Bash Offer

With a successful year behind us, we look forward to a brighter future ahead. And, now is the time to pop the champagne.

As a gift for PlotX’s birthday, you get to earn free $PLOT every hour from 12:00 PM UTC, 13th October 2021 to 12:00 PM UTC, 14th October 2021


  • Predict with more than 1,300 PLOT every hour and win 130 bPLOT every hour!
  • Duration: 12:00 PM UTC, 13th October 2021 to 12:00 PM UTC, 14th October 2021
  • Rewards distribution will happen on 15th October

With PlotX, every hour is a happy hour!

The party starts today at 12:00 pm UTC!!

Also before we forget, Happy Birthday to PlotX!

Check our offers here

Predict Now on PlotX

Get the latest updates from PlotX:

Join the tribe, become a PLOT Head!




Fantasy Trivia on the go! Answer simple questions & win crypto every hour. Let’s tokenize knowledge 😎 Join the tribe:

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