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PlotX Community Mining Program

Are you curious about Prediction Markets and their role in the DeFi ecosystem?

Here is your chance to get up close and grow the ecosystem of one!

2020 marked an important milestone for Prediction Markets to attain wider attention within the DeFi ecosystem. However, the need to educate, engage and drive adoption (2ED principle) is more relevant than ever.

So, we bring to you a golden opportunity! Help us in taking our efforts to the next level by enrolling in the…

PlotX Community Mining Program

The program is a way for us to give back to our beloved community that is following the 2ED principle to help spread the word about PlotX and further grow our community. What is the 2ED Principle, you ask?

The 2ED Principle stands for — Educate, Engage & Drive adoption.

  • Educate: Creating educational content around the project, the token utility, the product vision etc and sharing it on social media to help spread the awareness about the product & onboard new community members.
  • Engage: Participate in ongoing discussions within the community to improve the product with a vision of increasing the TVL and the daily trading volume of the product.
  • Drive adoption: Participate in different types of mining programs and invite peer networks to do so as well.

What benefits can a PlotX Community Miner expect?

If the role of a PlotX Community Miner is so important for the project’s success, then their contributions shouldn’t go unrecognized, right?

So, every PlotX Community Miner will enjoy:

1. Exclusive Rewards

  • Each Miner will get lots of opportunities to take on responsibilities best suited for them and earn anywhere from $30* to $1,000* per month by fulfilling them
  • Monthly recognition as “Miner of the month” for the best performing Miner of every month. Also, “Miner of the year” to get a rare NFT sponsored by PlotX

2. Behind-The-Scenes Involvement

  • PlotX Community Miners will get a direct communication line with the PlotX team to discuss ideas, feedback, & suggestions for global engagement and platform improvements
  • They will also be invited to exclusive PlotX events and get the opportunity to conduct AMAs with the PlotX team within their communities to earn extra rewards

3. Early Access

  • PlotX Community Miners will get first-call, early access to bounties, newer versions of PlotX as they come out, and project news

Furthermore, shedding some light on what type of responsibilities can the miners undertake, each PlotX Community Miner can select one or more social media platforms which they want to work on. It is essentially these platforms through which we intend to spread the word about PlotX and drive adoption. The nature of tasks that’ll be given in the PlotX Community Mining Program is categorized as follows:

  • Content Creation & Distribution
  • Project Outreach

The list of acceptable platforms is given in the form at the end of this post.

What’s the eligibility criteria?

PlotX is a DeFi prediction market protocol that caters to the crypto community. Naturally, a PlotX Community Miner has to be a person who is genuinely excited about the prospects that DeFi, Prediction Markets, and PlotX offer to the world.

Not only that but each miner should also be willing to put in their time and effort for the growth of the project.

With the PlotX Community Mining Program, we hope to unify the PlotX community in such a way that it becomes the project’s most powerful tool/asset. Hence, our focus will be on quality over quantity. We’re perfectly fine with starting with a small number of miners :)

The program is very flexible when it comes to meeting the minimum requirement to become a miner. Each miner may take only those tasks that they think are right for them. More details in the form.

Think you have what it takes to become a Plotx Community Miner?

Apply here:

* All the rewards will be converted to an equivalent amount in $PLOT according to the conversion rate at the time of distribution.

Check out the PlotX Beta App (Live on the ETH Mainnet)

Get the latest updates from PlotX:

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