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PlotX Secures $5 Million in Funding & Grant Led By Polygon, Hashed To Expand Play-To-Earn Ecosystem; Launching Staking Program

Funding News

We at PlotX are superpumped to announce that the project has secured a $5 million pre-Series A funding round and grant led by Polygon Studios & Hashed. We are already one of the fastest-growing GameFi ecosystems on Polygon and this new capital will help further scale our global reach.

The funding round saw participation from multiple notable investors including Polygon Studios, Hashed, Animoca Brands, Alpha Wave Global (formerly Falcon Edge) and power angels including Sandeep Nailwal (Co-Founder Polygon), Alan Howard (Co-Founder Brevan Howard Asset Management).

Bigger and better!

The PlotX community has already grown to over 83,000 paying users verifiable on-chain, and we are growing at 144% month-on-month.

Over the last 7 months, we have crossed $4.1M GMV, growing 59% month on month.

And the most exciting part of this is that 70% of this GMV is contributed by retail users! This, along with the fact that 21,555 people have become token holders, underlines the practical utility of the project.

What’s next for PlotX?

There are big plans brewing for PlotX over the next few months.

PlotX Play2Earn: We are going to launch a Play2Earn variant to complement our current Predict2Win game. This will provide users an opportunity to convert their time into money, and create a sustainable economy for our gaming ecosystem.

New Features: Over the next releases, we will unveil multiple core gameplay features such as PvP battles, individual avatars, NFTs with special abilities, leaderboards, user level-up systems, daily/weekly quests and many more. Look forward to a whole new experience that turns crypto price prediction into a thoroughly fun experience!

Staking Program: We are launching our new staking program to reward our community with bPLOT and MATIC tokens. Participants have a pool of up to $100k in MATIC & bPLOT — More details here

Our Investors Speak

Sandeep Nailwal, co-founder of Polygon:
“PlotX has found the holy grail of Product-Market-Fit. I’ve seen their journey in the crypto ecosystem since 2017 and it is phenomenal to see the growth of PlotX. We are rooting for PlotX to be India’s Axie Infinity, powered by Polygon, and are very excited to partner with the team!”

Ethan Kim, co-founder and partner at Hashed:
“We’ve seen the growth of Axie Infinity up close, and are now witnessing what PlotX is doing for the India++ market. In emerging economies like India mass adoption of crypto would be driven by P2E games like PlotX — a Web3 project with a frictionless Web2 user experience. I am particularly very excited about PlotX’s idea of ‘sachetizing’ crypto for emerging economies. Skill based games in Web3 that reward people for their knowledge will open the floodgates for mass adoption in meaningful ways. PlotX is well positioned to lead this charge and we are super excited to be joining the PlotX community on this journey!”

Yat Siu, co-founder and executive chairman of Animoca Brands:
“PlotX has been building infrastructure for scalable Web 3.0 skill-based gaming, and its embedded wallet, meta-transaction relayers and solid core game loop already provide a solid user experience. We are thrilled to support the team in its vision to build the most sustainable GameFi ecosystem for emerging economies.”

About PlotX

PlotX is an ‘X’-2-Earn GameFi ecosystem on Polygon. The current dapp is a skill-based trivia game where users predict the outcome of real-world events to earn rewards every hour. PlotX Play2Earn game is an attempt to create sustainable P2E ecosystems with the rewards being sponsored by the on-chain treasury. PlotX is on its way to providing the most accessible crypto earning opportunity for the emerging economies of the world.

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