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Transaction delays on PlotX due to Polygon downtime

Some users might face downtime on PlotX due to an issue with the Heimdall implementation which is used by one of the two layers of the Polygon PoS chain. The Polygon network has been experiencing downtime since 5:50 PM UTC on 10th March and still continues to be down for some users. Since this is an issue on the Polygon chain, it is affecting all the applications on the platform, which includes PlotX as well. This is the reason why many of our users have been facing issues in terms of market settlement as well as reward allocation and reward claims.

More details about the issue can be found here >>

What’s next?

Since this is a global problem, the fix to this issue is beyond our control. We are constantly in touch with the Polygon team and they are working for a timely and complete fix to the issue. We currently don’t have an ETA on when this issue will be completely fixed but we will update the community once we have an update from the community.

Rest assured, all the user funds and data remain unaffected.

Thanks for your support and patience.

Stay tuned for more updates on this!

Team PlotX



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