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When an app launch is more than just the launch of an app

The PlotX Journey

PlotX came into being with a simple dream of sachetizing crypto so that anyone and everyone can get a slice of the booming web3 pie. We thought we were working on an interesting, albeit small project. But boy, did you guys prove us wrong!

PlotX went viral from the get go.

  • Just in April, we had close to 400k Monthly Active Users
  • More than 140k markets were created in which you participated more than 1.3 million time
  • A total of 264,328,953 PLOT (~$23m) was distributed to users as rewards.
  • You staked close to 20 million PLOT in the PlotX staking pool!

This is when we realized that we could build on our community and create something bigger and better and reach out to more people to bring them into our web3 world — and what better way to do that than to allow people to monetize a universal quality — knowledge. Everyone — no matter their country, background, social status, or wealth — is knowledgeable about at least one thing in the world. There is at least one area that they know more about than most other people. We are creating a platform that will let people leverage that knowledge to answer questions and gain wealth.

We are evolving from a crypto price prediction protocol to a fantasy trivia game with questions across multiple categories like crypto, sports, pop culture, movies, weather, stocks and so many more. Think of a category, and we will soon have that! And all this under the umbrella of a Play2Earn ecosystem.

So, an app?
The first step towards this change is the launch of our own Android app (and a $51,000 giveaway) with radically different gameplay. We are now going to be present in everyone’s phone — letting our users access us anytime, anywhere. And that’s not all that will be changing -

  • Multiple-question format: Introducing ‘contest style’ gameplay. Answer a series of questions to enter contests and test your knowledge of the category.
  • Launch of Cricket category: Designed around the Indian T20 league, there will be challenges for each and every game. Pick a challenge, forecast answers, enter a contest and earn crypto while having fun.
  • Multiple deposit options: Players can now buy and deposit crypto using a variety of options i.e. Debit cards, Web3 wallets, P2P & Withdrawal from popular exchanges.
  • Improved UI/UX: A complete rebrand and improved user experience.

What’s next?
Transformation is never easy, and to do it well requires a clear vision and planning. We are excited to show you the result of your patience, understanding and support.

Presenting the roadmap for PlotX. We know where we are going, and we are already on our way.



  • Launch of mobile app
  • Launch of Sports category
  • Addition of contests and tournaments
  • Rebranding reveal with new UI
  • Development of legacy payment bridge — cards and wallets
  • Development of NFT and consumable powerups marketplace
  • Release of NFTs — The Trivialz Collection
  • Presale of exclusive limited content — Premium NFTs, powerups and cosmetics
  • Launch of Free2Play and Play2Earn formats
  • Introduction of token burning mechanisms
  • Creation of full-fledged leaderboards
  • Launch of Pop Culture category
  • Launch of Movies category
  • Launch of User Profile
  • Introduction of daily quests and gift boxes
  • Significant improvements to mobile version
  • Reputation based loyalty reward system
  • Addition of staking mechanism


  • Launch of Stocks category
  • Launch of Weather category
  • Launch of Politics category
  • User-Generated Content option introduced
  • Launch of PvP battles
  • PvP ranking and rewards introduced
  • Addition of social platform and accuracy score
  • Second release of NFTs
  • Addition of friends’ lists
  • Addition of messageboards to facilitate user discussion
  • Addition of Ascension trait to Premium NFTs
  • Introduction of Sponsorship


  • Start of project transformation into PlotXDAO
  • Development of Governance mechanisms
  • Setup of initial incentives for stakeholders




Fantasy Trivia on the go! Answer simple questions & win crypto every hour. Let’s tokenize knowledge 😎 Join the tribe:

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