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ZK Labs to perform a security audit for PlotX ahead of Mainnet Launch

PlotX has chosen ZK Labs as its lead security auditor ahead of the mainnet launch. ZK Labs will be verifying the security of the PlotX smart contracts and will then be refactored by the developers community of PlotX.

ZK Labs is a well-established auditor and has provided both Smart Contract Development and Auditing Services for multiple large-scale successful projects built on the Ethereum platform.

From a draft to production-ready

The journey from draft to a working system on testnet and then on mainnet, is long and includes various check-points — a Smart Contract Security Audit being the most important one. Running code reviews to check for business logic, security vulnerabilities and other bugs does not only ensure a production-ready project but also ensures peace of mind of the user-base and thus, a safe road to user-adoption.

For a complex system like PlotX and given the uniqueness of the project, getting the design of the system right is as important as getting the code right.

The Audit Process

ZK Labs was chosen to run smart contract security audits for the PlotX code base after due diligence. The team comes with relevant hands-on experience with projects like bZx, Cosmos, Tether. PlotX will be looking to incorporate recommendations after the initial review as promptly as possible. The whole process rests on the mutual idea of both parties to deliver a project with best possible practices for the safety and security of the platform as well as the users.

PlotX is a project made by and for the Ethereum community and will always have user’s interest at its core.

About ZK Labs

Trusted by the cyber security industry, ZK Labs (Zero Knowledge Labs), provides Smart Contract Development and Smart Contract Auditing Services for projects built on the Ethereum Blockchain. They have audited crypto projects like bZx, Cosmos, Tether, and many more in the past and will now help PlotX build a secure and bug-free environment for the users.

Past projects audited by Zk-Labs
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About PlotX

PlotX is a DeFi Prediction Market for Crypto Traders. It provides fast, simple and highly rewarding prediction markets and makes it super easy & fun to participate in.

The dapp enables people to use their skills to predict the future value of digital assets like BTC on hourly, daily & weekly markets. The project has been dubbed as “Uniswap of Prediction Markets” due to its Automated Market Maker feature.

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