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Plow Airdrop Spreadsheet


You can check the spreadsheet for the Plow Airdrop to confirm whether or not you were included.

It’s here:

We had placed a $50,000 cap on our airdrop before starting. Instead of cutting everyone’s reward down to fit within that cap or excluding a majority of our participants so that those who were included could get the full rewards, we’ve come to a compromise.

We had over $1,000,000 in rewards. That was over 20x our cap. That wasn’t possible. We increased our cap to $400,000 and modified everyone’s rewards proportionately to fit within that cap. Also, as your airdrop will be locked and staked, you’ll have a chance to earn more PLOW from staking. There is a chance that when you’re unlocked, your rewards will be higher than your original airdrop value if PLOW grows in value.

We’re still checking the airdrop for cheaters and duplicates. You’re seeing an edited version of the spreadsheet. We’re still going through the spreadsheet and will remove cheaters. That is a “living” spreadsheet.

We’ll start distributing the airdrop to everyone in February. Check our blog for updates, but we’ll post the update in the announcement section on telegram.


The Plow Team



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