Plow all the fields

Plow Team
Plow Team
Nov 3, 2020 · 3 min read

Plow is bringing security-centric farming tools to the defi market.

Plowing feeds the world

Agriculture was the primary development that drove the rise of civilization. Farming created the surpluses that allowed people to build and cluster in cities. This science and art of cultivation has been a driving force of humanity for thousands of years. Nothing has been more fundamentally impactful to human society. Plowing has changed the world.

Plowing the soil is the foundation of farming. The primary role of plowing is to prepare the top layer of soil and bring fresh nutrients to the surface while eradicating the weeds that can destroy a crop. Plowing is done before anything else… before you plant your seeds. If you want to reap the rewards and be a great farmer, you need to cultivate your plowing skills.

Now a new form of farming is coming to civilization and we think it has equally transformational potential. There are nearly 5 trillion dollars sitting in no/low yield accounts around the world. There are billions of dollars in crypto sitting in hard wallets, exchanges, etc earning no yield. We’re always working hard for our money. Now, our money will work hard for us. We’ll all become farmers and decentralized finance will fan the flames of a new financial fire that will make yield-farming a central component to everyone’s financial planning repertoire. These tools have typically only been available for the wealthy. Now, every person will have access to tools to maximize their cash base.

We want to introduce you to Plow. We’re going to ship our community tools that help them plow their fields and be the most productive farmers they can be. We’ll help the small independent farmers up to the big industrial shops. Plow aims to provide you the highest yield available while always focusing on removing the weeds. We’ll focus on removing the risks that can destroy your yields.

Plowers need tools to protect their crops

Plow aims to be the most secure yield farming tool in decentralized finance. Having the highest yield will be just a byproduct. Our focus will be on security, trust, and transparency.

We’ll do the above by focusing on these things that will be baked into our protocol and processes.

We’ll continue to build the platform with security engineers at the beginning of the process, not the end.

We’ll do weekly, continuous audits on all our vaults. We’ll do both certified audits by reputable auditing firms and community-based audits and bounties.

We’ll have limited direct interaction with the smart contract. Users will mainly only be able to manually interact with the deposit/withdraw function.

We’ll have intelligent moving caps to prevent flash loans from manipulating our pools.

We’ll implement a circuit breaker. When too many withdrawals from the pool are occurring simultaneously, the break will trip to give us a chance to see if the withdrawals are legit transactions or someone trying to exploit the smart contract.

Our final security measure includes you, the Plowers. Nobody wants to be part of an industry-changing project that has no hope for longevity due to malicious actors in the world. We will rely on you to put your White Hats (or Grey Hats) to help us find our blind spots. Most projects make you submit tickets into black holes, or don’t have any way to contact them outside of social media. The last thing we want is for you to tell us about potential exploits by announcing it to the world. We haven’t settled on the exact bounty amount, but you will be rewarded if you help us remain secure.

Token Distribution

  • Total $PLOW supply: 2,500,000 PLOW distributed over 4 years
  • Circulating supply at launch: 0 PLOW
  • Emissions happen as rewards are farmed:
  • 68% for liquidity providers from incentive pools
  • 8% rewards to the operational treasury
  • 24% rewards to the team for building PLOW
  • PLOW holders receive the 5% fee from PLOW operations.
  • Airdrop rewards will be distributed on November 21st.

The Contract Address

$PLOW Token Explorer:

Join the rest of the Plowers

Plow Finance

Defi for the masses

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