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Gravity Well of Perspective

Be the stone above the surface of the stream.

I woke up this morning on a rant. I had spent the past week logged back into my social media feeds and grabbed my phone first thing when I awoke. Lying in under the covers, EarPods in before the sun even rose.

After an hour, I left the warmth of the bed to make some hot water for coffee and tea. My wife, still asleep, I began to pace. The rustling of my anxiety pulled her from the mumble of her cozy, slightly woken state. What is wrong with you? She inquired.

I let loose. A pent-up array of frustrations, angst, and fears pointed in every which way but coherent. They are out to get us was the basic premise of my Saturday morning upchuck of emotional lather.

It took some time, but she listened. She inquired. She challenged, and when I retorted with a thrown up hand in abject frustration, she started the process over. She did this several times until I had run out my fuel and the booster rockets of my bluster fell away, back to the earth that I was so high above.

In that moment, in that space between the notes of sound and fury, she spoke and reminded me of our place. Our mission.

We are not the right or the left. We are not trapped in the binary of belief but reside in the space in between. The Aether is where we dwell. Everyone has their perspectives, and none of them are the same. No one is right, and no one is wrong. Just a purgatory of their own making. Don’t fall into the gravity well of perspective. Refrain from the illusion of affiliation. No human being is truly in sync with one another because we are all points of consciousness experiencing life from different locales of perception.

Right. Right. I had spent the week pointing my face into a screen. I jumped headlong into the rhetoric and ramble of social feeds of the personal broadcasting network. I lost myself in the narrative. The algorithm began to feed me the more I clicked and commented my way through the muck. I fell into a gravity well of perspective and lost myself in a silo of growing indignation.

Breath. Take a breath. Stay on that breath for a moment. Let it be the only thing you fill your mind with for just this one moment.





Now be. You are here. A stone above the surface of the stream. Once again, restored to the place where your awareness is awoken with immaculate percolation of each moment that passes like water on the flow. Return here when needed.




A Medium publications that explores the intersectionailty of Resiliency + Equity + Systems Theory.

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Jeremy D. Tunnell

Jeremy D. Tunnell

Jeremy is a lead consultant with Co3 Consulting; trained in leading groups through dismantling whiteness, resilience conditioning & guided worldview expansion.

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