11 Halloween Costume Ideas You will Love!

For all those parents who love(or don’t) Halloween & cannot think of any creative costumes for your kids, Plowns is here to help you with exactly that.

  1. Corpse bride: Unarguably the most beautiful bride, anyone would love to see on Halloween.

2. Internet Explorer: Error 404.

3. Scissors: Nothing scares parents more than a pair of scissors in their child’s hand.

4. Wednesday Addams: What’s Halloween without our good ol’ Wednesday!

5. On a budget: Get it?

6. 13 Reasons Why?: That show scared us all, did it not?

7. Mom from Stranger things: Don’t just be Joyce, be this scene!

8. Annabelle: A Halloween costume ideas list without Annabelle? No way!

9. Donald Trump: Well, orange is the colour of Halloween.

10. Broccoli Pizza: A thing that can ruin pizza is scary.

11. Eleven: Only fitting that this one’s El.

Like these ideas? Let us know in the comments. Don’t forget to share your halloween pictures on www.plowns.com :). Let the world appreciate your creativity!