A Work from Home Mommy & a Mother who Believes. Meet Roomani Tomar, our Mommy of the Week!

Q. Please tell us something about yourself? Your background & what do you do right now?

I am Roomani, mother of a 5 year old daughter Ayaana. Professionally, I am a Digital Marketing strategist and working for an Australian Company. I am a work from home mommy and found myself lucky to be a Financially independent and stay at home Mom altogether.

Apart from this, I also opened an Academy named “lil Picasso’s Academy” with one of my friend where Children learns Arts, Craft, Classical Dance, Music, Abacus etc.

I strongly believe in a saying “Surround yourself with inspiring beings

Q. Which creative activity do you love to do with your child?

My child & I love craft work. 
We always make sure to save all the carton boxes that we can find, so we can make things out of them. My favorites a making huts, cars and robots.

Also, we love water colors madly, we try everything from making blow paintings to trying out stuff like the salt effect.

Q. As a parent, what do you think is the most important thing for a good future of your child?

Life is too small to bind yourself in school syllabus, go out and learn your favorite things!

Q. What do you like the most about Plowns? Anything you don’t like?

Its an easy to use app and ongoing competitions keep kids engaged. Plowns acknowledges the efforts with certificates and goodies, which in turn charge them up for next challenge.

Q. Do you think it would have made any difference if you had Plowns in your childhood?

Surely yes! I lost so many of pretty things I created during my childhood .. over the time. And, I don’t have pictures of the as well now.. so Yes! Our kids are lucky enough to have Plowns by their side to have a copy of their creatives.

Roomani can share Ayaana’s every special moment on Plowns: www.plowns.com. Can you?

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Happy New Year!