Gayathri Perumal, landscape artist & mother of a record breaking child — Plowns Mommy of the Week

#MommyMondays is now entering its second week. Last week we met Shalu Khosla, a teacher cum mother based out of chandigarh. And this week we are travelling down south & meeting Gayatri Perumal, whose son Thiyakshwa recently entered the India Book of Records. Lets hear her views on parenting & creativity.

Q. Hello, ma’am. Please tell us something about yourself.

HI! I am from a small village called Pudupet in Tamil Nadu. I am an architect by profession & went on to do my MBA. Later, I worked as a senior landscape Architect, and now have over 15 yrs experience doing that. I had dedicated the last 5 years of my life to my kids and have recently gone back & started my own business as a landscape architect.

Q. Were you a creative child? What used to be your favorite creative time-pass activity as a child?

I used to be the “School People Leader” in our School. I was the topper in studies, speeches, recitations and mono acting. One thing I never came first in was sports activities (laughs).

Q. Which creative activity do you love to do with your child?

I love to do mono acting. That is our favourite activity as mom-kids.

Q. As a parent, what do you think is the most important thing for a good future of your child?

They must be good human beings i.e. have the right set of values, be full of self-confidence and they should afraid to take decisions. Decision making leads everything.

Q. What is the single biggest thing you want your child to achieve in life?

I want that whatever my children do, they should make history & the world should witness their achivements e. g. making it to the Guinness book of records. What is it that they want to do is completely upto them & they need to decide it for themselves.

On this note, my son Thiyakshwa is now a part of INDIA BOOK OF RECORDS for “Most recognitions in Painting competitions”.

Q. What drove you to Plowns?

Plowns is very different from any other website/app I know of. Plowns displays different kinds of activities of our kids — crafts, photos, projects, achievements, contests etc.. It’s like my family. No other website is doing such tremendous work in supporting kids creations. Hats off to the team.

Q. Would you recommend Plowns to your friends?

Of course. I have invited a lot of friends to join Plowns

Q. Have you noticed any changes in your children after they started using Plowns?

A.Right now, they are a bit young to use Plowns by himself. Every time there are stars & comments on their creations, I show it to them. Both the kids are always happy receiving such amazing responses on their uploads. Even me..

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